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    The year is 480BC, and the Persians are invading Sparta.
    The Persian army is marching through the undulating terrain of Sparta when they hear someone shouting from the other side of a nearby hill:
    ‘I bet one Spartan can beat ten Persians!’
    The Persian officer laughs at this and sends ten of his best soldiers to deal with this cheeky enemy.
    After a couple of minutes of screaming they hear the voice again:
    ‘I bet one Spartan can beat a hundred Persians!’
    The officer, now angered, sends a hundred soldiers to silence this cocky Spartan.
    After a few minutes of ringing blades and intense screaming, the voice shouts again:
    ‘I bet one Spartan can beat a thousand Persians!’
    The officer is now absolutely furious with this enemy, but knows that no person could possibly beat a thousand soldiers, so accepts the challenge.
    He sends a thousand of his men to finalise the matter.
    After nearly fifteen minutes of splintering wood, shrill screaming, and the clash of spears, a lone Persian soldier comes crawling back over the hill.
    He has severe wounds, is covered in blood, and has half a leg missing.
    Panicked, he yells out to his comrades:
    ‘Don’t go up there! It’s a trap! There are two of them!’

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