The Israel Folau Saga

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    We have freedom of speech, but there are lawful boundaries.
    We cannot, with wild abandonment, say what we like when we like.
    So when someone makes a controversial utterance, the issue is: was there any law broken?
    I only know what I have read on line and heard in the news about this matter.
    Based on those things, I am inclined to think no law has been broken.
    All the things Mr Folau is reputed to have said have already been said many times in the past by religious leaders and groups of all kinds.
    So I fail to see any profound break with traditional standards.
    Whatever he does in his working life, he also has a private life.
    In private life he can say anything any other person would be entitled to say.
    There is no need for him to feel ashamed when speaking his mind.
    If what he says is against majority thought, the majority will ignore it.
    We might strongly disagree with what he says, but he still has the right to say it.
    That is the way life works.

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    Surprisingly to hear that Qantas is against Israel Folau,when one of their main advertisers is John Travolta who plays a large role in Scientology, which is no a Christian denomination, but a Cult!
    One other person., who well up in admin., in Qantas, whom I shall not name, as I’m not sure if true, is one of those to whom Israel Folau refers a homosexual(usual referred to as gay).
    It is not often I refer to you or your posts & agree with you William, but yes, we do live in a democracy & you also Israel Folau have every right to comment, you have not damaged any person’s reputation



    Thank you Tulip.
    I am pleased when others agree with me, and also when they disagree with me.
    Without disagreement, how else would I learn anything new?
    We are all individuals.
    Our thought processes are not the same, and we express ideas from different ‘angles’.
    Which makes for lively debate and discussion sometimes.
    Thank goodness we are as we are.


    Williamthebold  wouldn’t you also learn  new things without having to put up with disagreements? they can also leave you  in  a state of angst, and unhappy.


    I feel tired of all the comments re Gay  people etc , it seems as if the subject has just been discovered, and the carry on is incredible. There have always been males and females with sexual problems but in no way was it a big problem many years back, not spoken of mostly just ignored. But the way the subject these days is debated, talked of  and spoken of with disgust in  the  voices I find incredible, not only here but in other countries as well.

    People getting drunk have also been around seems like forever, but that   is  also talked of as if its a new disease.

    A few more years will pass and I wonder what will fill peoples thoughts as the above subjects hopefully will fade. The word trolls is now  in common use, and used in nasty ways.

    One sometimes despairs    of the human race, and wonder just what will become of us all.We  are rapidly ruining our planet Earth.



    Betty, the short answer is no.
    I much prefer the people around me to have their differing views.
    Most of the time I are not aware of the views they have.
    But when we sit down to talk, then those views are of great value.
    Hearing different ideas doesn’t cause me anxiety I am pleased to say.
    I am old remember!

    And I think, U think, thoughts that come with the wisdom of age.
    May I assume you are somewhat more than 21 years old?
    Being older, we will have experienced more, and those experiences will have taught us a lot. (one hopes)
    So we are better able to see right now what the younger people have yet to find out.

    Occasionally, someone around me derides homosexuals. Not often these days though.
    Sometimes I make a comment, sometimes I don’t.
    But those occasions serve to remind me of all the rather famous men and women who were just that.
    I note they all contributed much to their society, either because of, or in spite of, their natural sexuality.
    Sometimes that contribution was much much more than just invaluable.
    Think of Alan Turing?
    I am reminded too of the way society treated those humans.
    Only fifty years ago the law chased them unmercifully.
    That was a disgrace, or worse.
    Sometimes when I hear someone’s negative religious view on this matter, I wonder when they lost the ability to observe and reason.

    And I agree with you Betty. The earth is suffering rather badly just now.
    It boils down to far too many people living in a way which is using up our natural resources faster than they can be replenished by natural events.
    In the process of doing so, we are causing contamination on a grand scale.
    There are only a few things we can do.
    Two of those things are to limit the population, and revert to a simpler and less ‘encroaching’ lifestyle.
    The problem is people enjoy their luxuries.
    So careful planning must rule the day instead?
    We will need to forego some of our comfortable ways of living even so.
    Are our politicians up to the challenge?
    People don’t really imagine we can go on filling up the world with people for thousands of years in to the future do they?
    They must realise that disease, famine, or natural disasters brought about by climate change, will bring such expansion to a halt: probably suddenly?

    I sat down to write a few words in reply to you. I wrote far more than a few.
    Please forgive my verbosity. It must come from this cooler weather?  ^_^


    Williamthebold -Always happy to read your replies , Yes my age is   sometimes a shock to me especially when my eldest son says—- “oh  I  got  a shock  the other day when I realized I will be 60 in three years,” Gosh I thought ,that gives me a shock also, is it really that long ago I gave birth you- Unbelievable !

    I still garden, sew, talk, shop. cook, drink coffee,  do painting, and dance, and listen.



    Thank you Betty. You are certainly active.
    All I do is climb trees, and act as unofficial great-granpa to a couple of small girls.
    As well as all the usual daily chores.
    These things keep me out of mischief though.
    Happy days!


    This morning in the Australian newspaper online, a voting system re Israel Folau should he be allowed to still play or kicked off. The overwhelming response ,Yes, he should be allowed to play.
    More than 80% voting yes when I reading the Australian, with 57 minutes before closing the contest.



    I need to clarify something.
    People have the right to say things.
    That is true.
    We have the right to listen.
    That is also true.
    But when remarks are outrageously short of the truth, we don’t treat those remarks seriously.
    One would usually distance oneself from the source of such remarks, and pay them no further attention.
    The person making the controversial remarks won’t always see the crowd melting away from him.
    But after a while, surely even (a grammatical) ‘he’ would become aware no one was listening?
    I am reminded of the first thing I learned at school, in the school yard, on the first day.
    viz: sticks and stones may break my bones, but hard words never hurt me.
    I think far too much attention has been showered on this incident.
    Time to relegate it to its proper place.
    Time to cease giving it impetus?
    Its only real significance is as an illustration of the right to free speech.

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