The Royal Wedding

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    I for one would be quite happy to sit and watch the Royal wedding ,  it would be a relief to hear and watch something that was not crime related ,or a relief to not hear about the Liberals or Labor  leaders what they haven’t done or what they should  have done, how about Trump ? I am sick of hearing about him also..

    In fact the whole world that we ever hear about seems like  a mess, every letter I read in one of today’s papers was anti something, even the Royal family are  having to cope with anti news re the wedding, so a little light hearted relief  is well over due ,  I guess thats why every paper is gushing about the coming wedding .

    By the way I won’t be watching all the carry -on   will only see it on the TV news, we have other engagements that day.



    I love the British pomp and ceremony. I hope to see the whole thing on tv here in WA.
    As you said bettyh it will be a refreshing change from the usual rubbish.
    I have seen the weddings on tv of Princess Margaret, Princess Anne’s first marriage, Prince Charles to Diana, Prince Andrew,Prince Edward, Prince William and now Harry I cannot miss that.
    All the best to Harry and Meghan.

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