The Royals Again

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    This time I am back on the Republican topic. So many people enjoy following the
    young royals and it is lovely to have non-trump, non warfare, non crime/drugs type news. The royals give so much back to the people and live extremely full lives – witness the queen still fulfilling duties in her 90’s.
    I know its said that we should be a republic because so many Australians no longer have British backgrounds but I am now tending to ‘If its not broke don’t fix it’. It all seems to work very well under the monarchy and quite honestly I think if it were otherwise it would become such a mess. Remember the talk of who should be President? Seemed to be either chosen by politicians or put to the general vote where we would probably get a film star or sportsman!



    Agree with every word, Abirdo.  Well said.



    Agreed abirdo, at least while the Royals hold their strong and appealing image.



    I think it is fact that those countries which have a ‘royal’ family, and a king or queen who is the nominal head of state, are eminently more stable.
    The people at large need to have this nominal head person, and particularly one they didn’t select.
    They are more comfortable with the feeling that someone is there ‘keeping an eye’ on their country.
    Even when in the ‘back of their minds’ they know that person is just another member of the human race, they still want to ‘look up’ to that person as an ultimate authority.
    One that is there continuously.
    We have this instinctive need for it to be that way.
    So however illogical it might seem, the fact is that having a ‘royal’ family works, and works well.
    It engenders much greater stability than having an elected head of state.
    So why change something that works well for something that might not?
    As has rightly been said, ‘if it ain’t broke….’

    We of course have our very own quite legitimate branch of the ‘royal family’ living here in australia.
    We could always call on them to ‘step in to the breach’, and become our very own ‘royals’.
    But my impression is that they are disinclined to do that.
    I think this is because they have lived life in a completely different way to their ancestors, and would find any major change difficult.

    A footnote:
    With my logical outlook on life, it might seem unlikely I could ever be ‘pro-royal’.
    However, the simple fact is it is an institution which works well for most people.
    I must acknowledge that as a reality.

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