They call it an encore

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    Have you noticed just how many TV channels call their repeats “an encore’ ?    It’s not an encore,  it a darned repeat of a show they had on either last night,  or a few days ago.

    As for the morning TV – they’re not TV  “shows”,  they’re usually advertorials for fairly shonky products.  Usually accompanied with the raucous voice,  exhorting you to buy,  because it’s not available in stores.

    It’s not available in stores, because they simply wouldn’t stock it!






    You sure call a spade a spade.
    I am not sure I agree fully with the last sentence though.
    I think there might be a bit more to it.
    My sense is, however, that the wider population IS being manipulated, heavily, by advertising on television.
    This is done to make money pass through the hands of the ‘manipulators’.
    That is not necessarily an all bad thing.
    There is SOME legitimate advertising.
    So there are SOME redeeming features, even if less than we would like.
    But I do agree: descriptions of ‘offerings’ are aimed less at accuracy, and more at the effect they can generate.
    ‘We must stir up the troops, and while they are distracted, take advantage of that to sell them lots of stuff they don’t need’.
    What would your life be like without interruptions from the goggle-box I wonder?

    I have noticed that I am watching less and less television now.
    I am reduced to news and the occasional movie on a channel with minimal advertising.
    Watching something where you get six minutes of the movie, then 4 minutes of ‘raucous announcements’, is not my idea of enjoying time away from daily routine.
    Worse, the movie itself is continually interrupted by those ‘extra messages’ which appear on the screen.
    Then there is the ever present ‘water-mark’ to distract the viewer.
    Better to read a book, dig the garden, or think thoughts?
    Try ‘great-grandfather’s way’ for a while?
    But be sensible! We don’t want a population explosion, do we?


    Personally I wish the stations were compelled to put (R) after program listings. Its becoming more and more rare to see a new series for instance and I would not even bother tuning in if I knew it was a repeat. I rely heavily on DVDs from the library as then there are not all those breaks for adverts.


    🙂 Agree Rob.

    I’ve got Foxtel and it’s even worse than free-to-air for repeats.

    Think I know the scripts for many of my favourite whodunnits off by heart. Seems I always know exactly whodunnit these days LOL.

    Can’t handle the morning TV sales shows. Love your comment about the reasons shops don’t stock their wares. But …

    have noticed some of the advertorial type ads now promote the fact that the products are also available at Australia Post and K-Mart. For example: As Seen on TV – Australia Post Shop

    Reminds me of Joe the Gadget Man LOL.

    Anyone remember Joe?

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