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    Perhaps a little premature, but…
    The last world war caused dramatic change to the way people lived.
    Deprivation made us appreciate the real needs for day to day survival.
    So life changed, and when war ended, our days were simpler and safer.
    Afterwards, inevitable progress led to affluence, which breeds corruption.
    Life was no longer simple and safe.
    Recently, COVID-19 arrived.
    We went in to lock-down, and fought a kind of war with it.
    Many changes were needed. We responded and adjusted.
    Once again, the essentials of life were impressed upon us.
    Those changes might well lead to life becoming more realistic, efficient, and logical?
    The aftermath of this ‘war’ could bring us peace, as can happen after a storm?
    One would hope so; fervently!
    Some might summarise all this by saying: ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.
    I would say: ’tis an ill wind which blows no good’.


    No doubt there will be many changes to lives all over the world.    Some good, some not so good, some tragic.

    I find it a bit annoying, almost every time I switch on tv, there’s a bunch of so called celebrities/stars, telling us “we’re in this together”.   Very saccharine sweet and useless .   Then there are some universities actually disciplining a person or persons for speaking out against China in this awful time.

    So all in all this pandemic has created many different attitudes, thoughts and ideas.      One can only hope we come out of it wiser and stronger.

    Craig SwansonCraig Swanson

    Good post williamthebold.
    I believe Australia will be a changed nation once this virus rids itself from our world. Firstly the prompt way Sco Mo tackled the virus proved we were ready to take on this virus head on.. and lick it. Which we have done with an exceptionally low infection rate compared with several of our other developed partners.

    Also unlike some others that are seeing a spike in cases since the easing of lockdown restrictions.. we are coping brilliantly. What a fantastic job our doctors and nurses did battling the virus close up from the front line.

    I alluded that we will be a changed nation because of Covid-19. There is a renewed sense of patriotism and confidence running thru our nation. Some influential people are calling for the government to take our manufacturing industry out of mothballs.

    We proved that we were up to the task of providing our health workers with protective equipment and our sickest patients with ventilators during the worst part of the crisis.
    This was forced onto us because of the limited overseas supply lines for such items. If we can locally source these products then we can certainly start up our factories and produce other products which we have had to import in the past.


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