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    Those inconvenient truths:

    I observe a lot. I think a lot. I conjecture. I assess.
    That leads me to believe the following is more likely than not to be true.
    In other words, I believe it to be so.

    We all make use of an ‘operating system’ somewhere.
    Most of us use one in a computer.
    Computer operating systems are truthful things, with a pure mathematical basis.
    If you introduce a digital untruth to a computer, things won’t go so well.
    Digital untruths can interrupt the flow of data, and cause the system to stop processing information.
    The computer will ‘lock up’.

    Another place all of us use an operating system is in our head. (I hope)
    Our brain is a living computer, and needs an operating system to work effectively.
    In your mental computer, untruths can derail the progress of logical thought, and lead to strange outcomes.
    An operating system for the mind must therefore also be based on truth.
    It must have a set of truthful principles to work from.
    These must be founded on solid logic, not random impressions.

    There are ‘workarounds’ for ‘errors’ in computer systems.
    Add an instruction, telling the system to ignore inconsistencies in the code.
    The system will then ‘skip over’ the errors, and attempt to continue with its processes.
    It is my contention that far too many people tell themselves stories as a way of making their minds ‘skip over’ the truth.
    Being polite by not telling all of the truth is one thing.
    Glossing over inconvenient truths to avoid them is quite another.

    People can ‘brain-wash’ themselves, and even others, by ‘glossing’ in this way.
    Avoiding truth can allow their mental computer to keep going for a long time, albeit less effectively.
    But eventually, truth will have its day, and the option to continue ignoring errors will end.
    Their mental computer will call a halt, and stop processing faulty data.
    It will fall back to fundamental logical thought processing, and ignore stories.
    This could happen at a time when survival is in doubt, what really ‘is’ becomes vital, and stories take a distant back seat.
    In any case, that person will then have to face the real truth about themselves and living.
    However late in life this happens, that time will usually come.
    So stop basing life on stories is my idea.
    Allow a bit of fundamental truth to guide you instead.

    Self truth is something you work out over time.
    Socrates said wisely: ‘know thyself’.
    Self realisation is not always pleasant, but it is much more satisfying in the long run.
    It brings with it great contentment.
    You have, or can acquire, this knowledge of yourself.
    You have the ability to use that knowledge logically.
    You can demonstrate wisdom.
    That would be a good thing to do.

    Notwithstanding all this, humans are quite nice people, most of the time.
    Fallible we might be, prone to making mistakes, yes.
    Our mental computer is not perfect!
    But our ability to adjust, to think, and be good companions, makes up for that.
    I would rather share this planet with humans than (perfect) robots.



    Humans certainly are fallible, and truth as you say, is often inconvenient.

    Interestingly,  at least to me, with the rise of the internet, I get the feeling that people are often more honest online due to the protection of anonymity.

    Then, truth is not always necessary.   sometimes one needs to spare feelings of another, and a white lie is a good option.  Maybe that’s wrong…I don’t know.

    Apart from all of that, your post has reminded me of a great poem, but I can’t remember the words, or the author.   Maybe you or someone will have their memory jogged.

    The last line is: “The world is evolving as it should”

    The title is two words I think:  “The……


    Hi Salina,

    Max Erhmann’s poem “Desiderata” comes close with similar sentiments.

    Overused on posters and self-help books, etc it became a poetic cliche or commonplace.

    But it remains a beautiful text for all that





    “The world is evolving as it should”  seems newer rather than older.
    Probably from a more modern poem.
    I had a think, but nothing much came to mind except ‘The Brook’, and Tennyson is too old in the tooth to have written about the ‘world evolving’.
    Had a look on line.
    The only reference I could find was that Pierre Trudeau once said, “The world is evolving as it should.”
    Perhaps he was quoting from that poem?
    I suppose we could ask someone in a relevant department of some university.
    They could probably help.
    Not much to be found on line.
    Where are all the clever ‘looker-uppers’ when you need them? *_*


    “I suppose we could ask someone in a relevant department of some university.” Or Google LOL.

    In response to his government’s losing its majority in the Canadian federal election, 1972 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau quoted Desiderata by reassuring the nation that “the universe is unfolding as it should.” He also quoted the poem’s final stanza at the end of his concession speech after losing the 1979 election to Joe Clark.




    In the same vein can’t help but feel that Bill Watterson,the creator of Calvin and Hobbs nailed it with this observation.

    Isn’t it sad how some peoples grip on their lives is so precarious that they will embrace any preposterous delusion rather than face an occasional bleak truth.



    There we have it Salina.
    The quote is ‘the universe is unfolding as it should’, and it is towards the end of the ‘poem’, Desiderata.
    Thank you Jacksprat, and we are all enlightened now. *_*
    Yes ‘Leshan’, on occasions some, perhaps many, people seem to live inside a tv script.
    Shakespeare said something about it in ‘as you like it’.
    ‘all the world’s a stage……….’



    Dear Jack Sprat, you have saved my sanity.   Something in Williams’ post started a train of thought which led my thoughts to the ‘spirit’ of The Desiderata, but I couldn’t quite grasp it.   All I could think of was that line.

    I had always loved it, but forgot for a long time.

    It was a poem which helped me through some rough times.    Dated it may be, but still for me words of wisdom.   There is a lovely audio version which can be found on YouTube, presented by Les Crane.

    Thankyou so much.

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    I love that Desiderata so much , thanks for the memories of it , words for life ,

    With all its sham , drudgery and broken dreams  Be Cheerful

    . its still a beautiful world.. Strive to be happy

    The whole poem I love.. thanks for the memories ..

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