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    A few thoughts.
    I have tried to keep them neutral: I hope they won’t be the cause of any heated thinking.
    And I hope too that you will see them as logical thoughts, and will understand that they are meant well.
    I don’t guarantee they are right though. They are simply my thoughts, open to correction.

    I didn’t think I would ever agree with Tony Abbott.
    But I caught a brief comment of his: I hope I heard him right!
    It was about attacks on those who are different.
    Currently, there is such an incident well to the fore in the news.

    Such attacks are perpetrated by a person who is not thinking and reasoning clearly.
    Instead, it is someone who is detached from the people around him.
    Such a person would exist in a kind of dream world.
    His logic would have taken a back seat. He would be running on instinct.
    And his instinct would be muddled, and overreacting to some stimuli.
    This would make his reality different from our reality.
    But even so, his mind would still need to see a way ahead.
    It would still need a path to follow: somewhere to go.
    That is how brains work. They don’t ‘sit still’.
    News outlets invariably ‘sensationalise’ items they disTRIBute.
    So he picks up on something he sees or hears.
    It inflames his mixed emotions.
    A particular course of action seems right to his disordered outlook.
    To an average thinking reasoning person it most definitely would not be so.
    He plans what to do.
    He chooses a target where there are many people together, especially in a confined space.
    The ‘reason’ that prompted his action is not the problem here.
    It is his state of mind!
    Thank you Tony. We reach the same conclusion? (I think)

    When do those who perpetrate these crimes become detached from the ‘real’ world?
    At what point does the world around them become a kind of fantasy?
    The mind of such a person is clearly overreacting to stimuli, and is not under the control of reason.
    Is it possible society needs to modify the way children are schooled?
    More emphasis on truth, reasoning, and especially logic? Awareness of self?
    Not assume that because something taught works for one, it will work for all?
    A blanket approach that is failing us?
    Is it possible to ‘pick-up’ on the early signs of ‘variation’ that some might exhibit?
    Forewarned is forearmed! Or praemonitus, praemunitus if you prefer to say it that way.

    I think too, that however horrific these incidents, we shouldn’t allow our senses to become ‘inflamed’ by them.
    We don’t want to follow in the perpetrator’s path, and leave reason behind.
    We need to deal with the problem quietly and carefully.
    Treat it as a mind ‘gone wrong’, not something that brings out the worst in us.
    Do as doctors must do. Remain ‘detached’ but still thinking clearly.
    Don’t let emotion get in the way of doing what is logical and right.
    I wish I could hear more ‘leaders’ expressing this kind of calming approach.
    Instead, they come across as being in a kind of panic.
    Which doesn’t bode well for any outcome.

    I would rather they said something like..
    ‘We cannot allow for every eventuality. We cannot be there to stop each and every crime being committed. That is regrettable, but a fact of life. All we can do is to minimise possible damage by good planning. And be there after any event to give support to any victim.’
    That would seem to me to be far more realistic.



    Tony Abbott is a highly intelligent and compassionate man.   Quite different to how he’s portrayed in the media.  My opinion of course.

    The knee jerk reaction to banning guns is not the answer to those events in my opinion also. Evil people will still be able to get hold of them.



    In odd moments, when I am inclined to reflect, I have been ‘mulling over’ these events.
    There is something about it all that worries me.
    There is an idiom that helps to describe my state of ‘limbo’.
    Something I cannot quite ‘put my finger on’.
    But I have this niggling feeling that all is not well with the way the situation is being handled.
    The best I can come up with is that there is not a ‘professional’ approach.
    Too many persons are ‘leaning over backward’ instead of standing upright and being downright and forthright.
    I am not trying to detract from the importance or significance of the events, just on the way some appear to be dealing with them.
    I hope they are able to devise a healthy and conscionable conclusion to it all.
    The unnecessary and irrational cessation of any well lived life is always a tragedy for us all.

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