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    I wish they would stop making so many crime shows for TV viewing.

    So many new shows that they  flash up on the tellie  always features shootings, ugly snarling people, maybe car chases and so on. I tend to think a lot of impressionable young people can be influenced by these shows  giving them ideas they may not have had before.
    If its being shown on the TV  that’s the way to go, some of them may think.



    When I was at school, I read that there are only 26 possible ‘plots’ for stories.
    Not all that long ago I read somewhere there are now 52 possible plots.
    Why the doubling up I don’t know.
    How accurate those assessments are I don’t know.
    Stories seem to be different to us because they are ‘dressed up’ differently.
    Different locations, different characters, different behaviour and so on.
    But they can follow the same basic plot as another story we have seen or read before.
    Sometimes, when I watch a movie, I am aware it is nearly the same story as another I have seen.
    The writers have introduced a ‘twist’ here and there to make it appear different.
    Having different characters also helps the illusion they are not the same story.

    Advertisers want you to watch Television.
    You are a captive audience for their advertising.
    If viewers become ‘jaded’ by seeing the same stories over and over again, they will stop watching.
    Plots need to be ‘dressed up’ afresh, to incite new interest and encourage viewing.
    It seems there is no way but UP for the writers. (that word again)
    Now, to make a story have impact, they resort to bizarre and even outrageous ‘clothing’ for their chosen plot.
    They could of course opt to make the story ‘clever’ and thus more interesting.
    But they don’t. They will have their reasons for not doing so.
    That is why programmes are becoming ever more violent, language more ‘descriptive’, and characters more bizarre.
    I too am concerned at how these ‘new’ stories will affect younger more impressionable minds.
    Will children come to think that violence and anger are the norm?
    Looking around me, I am wondering if this is already so.
    For my part, I simply switch off.
    I am very selective of what I watch now.

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