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    There is no upside to this virus.
    Well almost.
    They are telling us not to shake hands kiss etc.
    Replace this with a pat on the back.
    As a kid I would have loved this.

    I used o hate the uncles etc proving their masculinity with hard gripping handshakes crushing my hand and even worse those wet slobbery kisses from the old aunts and grannies.


    A calamity like corona virus (CoViD-19) should bring people back to earth?
    It should bring them closer to appreciating what is really important in life?
    After all, ’tis an ill wind which blows no good’.
    I too am relieved at the thought there will be fewer ‘frilly bits’ attached to our social exchanges.
    ‘Frilly bits’ can cause the spread of far to much infection.
    The back rows of theatres should see less activity now?
    For the record, I remember a report of a small girl being blinded in one eye by infection acquired from a ‘sloppy kiss’.
    That was about fifty years ago.


    What if my head cold is really something more serious?
    What if by some ten million to one chance I have CoViD-19?
    Best scenario is that I have the disease, and get over it.
    If I haven’t any serious infection, shown by tests or self-isolation, I go out in to the world again.
    I have no immunity there.
    So I really can catch CoViD-19.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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