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    Change is all around us. Efficient communication has promoted this.
    Once upon a time it was almost a privilege to visit a department store.
    They were places full of magic, and a wondrous variety of goods.
    The atmosphere was exciting, particularly for the young.
    It became almost a social outing to go there.
    Now we have warehouses, we shop online, and we have our orders delivered.
    We get the goods, and more conveniently too.
    However, we have lost the magic ‘store’ experience.
    We will need to look for that magic in other pursuits?
    Social gatherings at fairgrounds or the beach perhaps?
    Even Greypath??


    Another benefit could be the long term effect on society.
    This is a good time to decide what is necessary, and what is important.
    This is a good time to re-evaluate how we do things.
    A good time to clear out the clutter?
    A good time to be more efficient?
    Life might be going to change for the better?


    This is a good time …

    not to me in any way at all !!!!!

    Don’t care what type of spin you weave around it WtB.


    Jen, I am not weaving ‘spin’.
    Right now we live in disastrous times.
    I am just trying to see a positive here and there.
    I don’t want to see darkness everywhere.
    There is a future, and I am looking for chinks of light in the gloom ahead.
    I am sorry if my post read in any other way.

Viewing 4 posts - 19 through 22 (of 22 total)
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