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    With the recent events concerning the British monarchy I was doing a little research on other monarchies in the world of which we hear so little.
    I find that there are still 12 other monarchies in Europe plus another 14 elsewhere
    Concerning wealth this was an interesting link. http://time.com/3904003/richest-royals/
    Though one may have thought rather differently it is the king of Thailand who tops the list at 30 Billion (in US dollars).
    Following on from this I had a look at the estimated worth of Trump: 3.1 Billion and then Putin: 200 Billion!! Who says crime does not pay………….



    Money largely equates to, or represents, work done.
    It is this work done which gives money its value.
    So it follows that it is the value of money which largely drives innovation and technological progress.
    To keep this going, I think we must accept that a few persons will accumulate wealth far in excess of their worth.
    This is the price WE must pay for the benefits of steady progress and its many benefits.
    In past times many ‘larger than life’ figures accumulated wealth for themselves and their countries simply by plundering from other societies.
    The resultant harm to those societies must have been horrendous.
    Let us be thankful it is all rather peaceful now.
    Due to the way humans are ‘programmed’, they fare better when there is a ‘head person’ to direct them.
    They like to feel they are being ‘looked after’ by someone.
    All societies are thus.
    Sometimes it is a dictator who fills this role, and sometimes a monarch such as we have. (at present)
    Or it could be the style of ‘head person’ we see in Mr Trump.
    His effort leaves much to be desired methinks.
    But I am basing my opinion on news available to us here.
    Perhaps it is wrongly slanted, and doesn’t reflect the true state of affairs.
    Overall, I think monarchies are the preferred choice, if you have a choice.
    There are few of them, and we need to accept they accumulate wealth.
    The benefit outweighs the cost to us?


    i’m wealthy,  i have everything i need and most of the things I want

    the the queen,  putin or trump will end up dead just like me,  an old saying,  there are no pockets in a shroud




    I agree Mal. I still work hard from choice and live a simple life which supplies me with all I need.

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