What a lovely surprise!

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    Waiting at   pedestrian crossing today, along comes a elderly man  pulling his shopping trolley   AND he was whistling  still whistling once he crossed  over into the car park it was so lovely to hear, I can’t remember when I last heard a man whistling it was very common once, guys on bikes, guys doing gardening , or guys just walking along the street. Just another thing that  seems to have disappeared. Oh well!


    Showering at the aquatic centre there are several people (at different times!) that I hear singing in the shower! Yes Betty it was nice to hear the whistlers and now I just hear the bird variety. I cannot imagine the younger generation being able to whistle tunes when they are older – todays music just does not lend itself to people singing along or whistling.



    Today I went to the dentist. A youngish woman dentist was there to fill in.
    (no pun intended)
    She was not painless I can assure you.
    I bit her finger and she yelled the surgery down.
    One of the nurses on duty was unduly abrupt with me too.
    That didn’t improve my day.
    But the dentist recovered, and was truly Professional. (with a captial P)
    Did all she had to do without fuss or bother.
    That was a big big plus.

    Then a haircut. (my children always unkindly ask me which one?)
    Then the shopping centre where I stopped at an agency to make an enquiry.
    That was when I received a pleasant SURPRISE.
    A real smile from the young woman behind the counter.
    I was almost in shock.

    Then in to the supermarket. And guess what?
    I heard one of the checkout ladies singing softly at her work.
    Amazing but true.
    And all smiles to go with it.
    I could see her customers were leaving with real smiles too.

    I thought smiles stopped at xmas.
    It appears not.
    Thank goodness.
    But all these young people being nice?
    I might have to alter my opinion of them!

    I think genuine smiles are what I miss most.
    Not many seem to have much to smile about these days?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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