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    Once again the two supermarket giants are banning so-called ‘one use’ plastic bags. Several ‘one use’ bags I get are so thin they are already decomposing by the time they reach my kitchen. The others will be re-used to line my kitchen tidy or for fruit and vegies.

    This is just another money grabbing gambit to make shoppers buy other (often not so degradable) bags. People often pop into shops to buy a few items and won’t have their other bags with them so are caught.

    If the supermarkets were really serious about plastic bags and the environment they would clear the masses of heavier duty bags from their shelves. I cannot understand why ‘super clean’ people must line RUBBISH bins with heavy duty garbage bags for instance.

    Many ‘refined’ shops still use plastic bags as an advertising tool and these do not readily decompose either.

    I sometimes try to keep a few ‘one use’ bags in my shed for surplus fruit to give away and so on but, by the time I need them, they are already disintegrating.



    I have mixed feelings about this issue.   The bags have certainly become a real problem in our environment, and there is plastic wrapping on huge numbers of products which has to be disposed of….so I tend to think there is some hypocrisy there.

    Also, what are the one use bags made from?   Even though they break down quickly, it’s still a form of plastic, isn’t it?   So is is it really completely breaking down?

    Also, if they ban the current bags, plastic bin liner sales will increase.   Supermarkets sell them…so another hypocritical angle.

    Some shops have strong brown paper bags which can be used over and over.




    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    I can remember when it was big brown paper bags being used at the supermarkets, then we started to have to big outcry that all these trees were being cut down to make these paper bags, on and on till,  hurrah plastic bags appeared, all the good things about using  these new plastic bags were spoken of.

    Now what next? its back to taking our own fabric bags, but I notice no where the publicity of  doing this as  we once  were bombarded with and that was not that long ago ?. I have not noticed any signs up at all re bringing your own bags and  I do shop at different supermarkets now and then. So at present I notice still, plastic bags being handed out not only the supermarkets, all the clothing shops, gift shops, and others are still using the plastic bags, plus paper coffee mugs. My husband is being a good boy with now getting the ordinary china mugs , I have never used the paper mugs as I don’t  like big sizes of coffee.

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