What do disabled seniors in Australia do for fun?

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    Some of us senior Seniors have a hard time getting around so it’s difficult to do many of the things we enjoyed when we were younger. We discovered electric mobility scooters which permit us to get out and about instead of being cooped up all the time. They are great for nature parks, zoos, yard sales, shopping mall and the huge new superstores that are popping up. We call them Senior Recreation Vehicles(SRV’s). Any members here interested in that sort of thing?



    Yes Mobility Scooters have been around for quite sometime here in Aussie land, even ones that  two people can  enjoy being together. My husband and I if the time ever arrives that we need to get around in a scooter, two to tango is the way we would choose

    didi - VIC
    didi – VIC

    in the country town where I live, scooters are very popular and I am pleased for those who need this form of transport to move around 🙂



    The mobility scooters are marvellous for sure.   We are very fortunate that today, seniors,disabled or able, are pretty well looked after .   There is still room for improvement, but I guess there always will be.

    Back to the scooters, great!  but there are some ‘drivers’who need a lesson or two.  🙂

    Some, and only a few, seem to feel, everyone should rush to get out of the way as they drive through with a really intense look, that says:”move!””

    In reality, I put it down to intense frustration at the situation they find themselves in, and that I can understand.


    Michael Dean

    Salina, I agree with you that some drivers do not behave appropriately on their scooters.
    Those mobility scooters are designed to provide mobility – not for speeds in excess of a normal walking pace.
    Other pedestrians should not be made to feel the necessity to move out of the way to allow them to speed past.

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