What is happening to our Australia?

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    Apparently the police have this year attended over 82,000 cases of domestic violence, that is appalling and frightening. Really hard to comprehend .
    Also actual crime like house break-ins and car stealing, bashings,knife attacks
    and so on, do make you wonder just what is going on with the human race.

    I have almost lost count of how many countries have riots happening at present, and what with terrorist attacks makes one feel the whole world is on a merry go round and what will happen when it stops?



    I think it is partly a wartime – peacetime thing.
    I think most of us here grew up in an immediate post-war social climate.
    One advantage of war is that it brings people down to earth.
    This results from the ‘demanding’ common goal of mutual survival.
    People come to realise what really matters.
    Their sense of values is grounded and stable.
    As peacetime advances, social ‘improvements’ lead us away from that ‘grounded’ feeling, so gradually it is lost.
    Later generations don’t experience it at all?
    Add to that the rapid expansion of the population, the ‘crowding’ together of people, and you have added friction to aggravate any feeling of annoyance or irritation that might be felt.
    One could also conjecture that social pressure to “keep up with the Jones'” might be leading to unrest for some.
    They take out their growing frustration on someone weaker, usually a family member.
    That is of course a cowardly response, but it happens.
    Such people think it is anyone’s fault but their own.
    I don’t think that making things easier all round for everyone is going to make a great difference.
    The people must change instead.
    We need education, and community leadership by parliament, which hopefully will lead people to the realisation that ALL persons must simply ‘GROW UP’, so no one behaves like a fool.
    The impending disaster that is adverse climate change could well be a catalyst to bring people to their senses?
    The world will certainly have an ‘urgent common goal’ for survival sooner rather than later.
    I note that leadership in this field is coming from the very young, rather than the older and supposedly wiser.


    Always been a turbulent world IMO.

    1910s — World War I, 40 million casualties
    1920s — Boom, Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, Spanish Flu, Bolsheviks
    1930s — Bust, Great Depression, Australia 29% unemployment
    1940s — World War II, 70–85 million people perished
    1950s — Post war immigration upheaval, Korean War, Space Race
    1960s — Inflation, Cold War, Cuban Revolution and Civil Rights
    1970s — Vietnam War fiasco, fights for equality
    1980s — Greed Was Good
    1990s — Relatively tranquil
    2000s — Great Financial Crisis, Twin Towers and Terror
    2010s — War on Terror, Internet of Everything, Rise of the Right Wing


    Crikey Jen seems like nothing much has changed over the years. We are now up to 2019 and still we have riots and fighting in numerous countries, the possibility of another war looms, one can only hope it does not happen. But one wonders what is it with Homo Sapiens that they have been fighting each other almost nonstop ever since they came out of the sea or the trees.!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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