What Nature can throw at you ?

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    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    By that title I  am thinking of  two events nature has thrown at us.

    One—floods, the water was up to our roof line. Must admit that was many years back now,   we still have a few books showing signs of water damage.

    Two—this year grass fires, many streets were evacuated including our street and us.

    What else is to come I said, –well we can still get’ Pestilence’ I was told plus there is the’ Four  Horsemen of the Apocalypse ‘.

    Death,War,Famine, Conquest.—— Gosh I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!

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    didi - VIC
    didi – VIC

    bettyh Vic glad that you survived your grassfire evacuation and let’s hope it is the only one for this and any other summer 🙂



    great weather to be in the pool having long island iced tea



    Sorry to hear you were that close to the fires.    I can’t imagine what it would be like.   But glad you’re ok.

    Mother Nature can be unpredictable.


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