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    What is everyone doing during self isolation.
    I live on my daughters property so I am able to walk around outside everyday also allowed outside the property to walk as there’s a slim chance of meeting anyone and plenty of room to social distance. I have Woolworths delivering my shopping, my chemist will deliver medication and anything else I need from him. Other items I need are bought online although I have to think in advance there as Auspost are way behind with their parcel deliveries these days. I do my banking online, have done for sometime now. I receive what bills I have online and pay online.
    I can read the news online and courtesy of my local library I can read books and magazines online.
    I keep in touch with friends and family via the phone and internet ( video calling )
    Our Doctor is doing telehealth calls to save us going into his rooms.
    I have Netflix,Stan and Prime to watch as TV is woeful.
    I now seem to find time to try out more recipes instead of basic cooking.
    On my walk the other day I came across a young kookaburra sitting on the fence and stopped for some time to watch him haha as he watched me.
    My daughter has animals so theres the daily visit to them in the paddock.
    Yes it will be hard to self isolate for whatever time we have to do so but it’s to keep us well. I have been used to going out several days a week and I miss the freedom to do that. I can still go for a drive and sit in my car at the beach or a lovely river as long as I stay within my region.
    I consider myself very fortunate to live where I live.
    I miss not being able to see other family or hug any of them.
    As long as the internet is on I will survive this 😊


    Hi Rachel, We are well and I am enjoying this time at home as I can catch up with lots of jobs around the house like re potting lots of plants. My husband says we have 190 pots of plants —you joke I say, I haven’t counted then as he suggested. I have a lot of orchids that are way overdue for re potting, so they will be happy when they receive their new potting mix.
    We do go out for a morning coffee bought over counter from a little window then its down to drink it whilst we look at the beach , birds, swans, Pelicans etc.
    Today being a ghastly day (Sunday) weather wise, the sea birds were settled down in their hundreds, it was very hard for them to try and fly against the wind and even swim against the waves, it was fascinating watching them all.


    Hi bettym
    Good to hear that you and yours are well.
    It’s lovely to get outside for awhile isn’t it.
    Do you think when this is all over we’ll just slide back into our old ways or will we keep up the going out and enjoying nature at least once a day, will we rush back into the shops and will we forget to keep in touch with family and friends as much as we do now.
    Stay safe and well everyone

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