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    I have been away 5 days  and in that time only about four posts up on line, has something happened that I don’t know about ?or has every  greypather also been away in that time ? at this rate I think Ray might think about closing greypath down . I for one will miss it.



    It appears greypath has dwindled to a few not very active persons.
    I am wondering if this is because…
    They don’t have an opinion to express?
    They have very little time to put pen to paper?
    They have no humorous anecdotes to relate?
    Nothing is happening in the ‘daily round’ that is worthy of mention?
    If so, the outlook is indeed bleak.

    I would like to know…
    Did you bake something that turned out really well?
    Did you have an unexpected surprise?
    Did your grand-daughter say something that was profound?
    Did you fall down the back steps and bump your nose?
    Or anything of that ilk?

    Why is greypath less attractive now?
    It had a heyday.
    What has happened?
    Are we too old to care?

    I don’t know, so I am hoping you can tell me.



    An extra thought or two…
    We have contributors, and we have readers.
    If we cannot increase the former, perhaps we can increase the latter.
    So how do we get more readers?
    If each post was read by many hundreds, it might make contributors more enthusiastic?

    I am old.
    Perhaps you younger folk will have ideas about all this. ^_^


    hello bettym, something which i saw today, i went into the city to do some shopping and to take a laptop in for repair ( a clean up really) while i was there i saw a young woman with a baby in a trolley walking along pushing the trolley and texting at the same time, well i think she was texting, her thumb was touching the phone a lot. then without a glance she stepped off the kerb into the traffic, the traffic stopped, perhaps as well, because she seemed totally oblivious to what was happening all round her. she might want to kill herself, but she should remember that she has a baby who needs protection


    Yes Mal that scenario has played out here in Melbourne  many times, in fact one lass was killed by a tram ,and we all express amazement that others have not  been  killed also, as everyday stupid folk are walking along noses and eyes stuck on their mobiles.


    Yes williamthebold I have been here since the very early days of greypath starting up,although I didn’t write anything for some while, being like a lot of people  thinking oh what will I write, what if I sound stupid and so on.

    Of course as has been said before when this site first started there was no other site like it and it was huge, but these days what with facebook, snapchat and numerous other sites  we tend to miss out now with people wanting to post anything. I cant really think of any subject that would woo the masses again, most every subject has been covered at some time and no way do I want to mention some of the stupid stuff that is in the papers or on TV and the N Z disaster  is a subject I don’t wish to get into.

    In the next 10 yrs apparently there will be some incredible things happening,  so looks as if we will have to wait for that time, although by then  Greypath will no longer exist and I guess I will have fallen off my twig.



    We can’t have that Betty. Falling off twigs is not allowed here?
    Ya gonna need a bigger twig? Or shall I send you some glue?
    You mention a subject you ‘don’t wish to get into’.
    Might I mention here my own view on such subjects?
    Hopefully, that was a yes, so I will continue.
    I am a grandfather.
    I see it as my duty to involve myself in the world around me, and in particular to keep abreast of all that is happening.
    I need to be well informed on all things to be an effective grandfather.
    That is my view. My life didn’t stop when I retired.
    I think I mentioned before that I have been ‘adopted’ by two little girls from over the road.
    They are like great-grandchildren for me.
    I liaise with their parents about things.
    I try to involve the girls in activities which both entertain them and teach them something useful.
    To keep them safe, I need to be well informed of local issues and conditions.

    I cannot help but think about things I learn from news.
    I cannot help but have an opinion.
    I assess the actions of others which lead to particular happenings.
    I use the basic principles and understanding which I have come to know over a lifetime.
    Some of my views don’t match up with those of politicians.
    Is that surprising?
    I must admit there are some things which happen that I don’t like to think about.
    But someone must.
    And some of the public must too.
    Otherwise public opinion would not exist.
    But we all have our limits.

    There is an almost endless list of things we can, and need to, think about.
    From early times, people have gathered together in groups and shared knowledge and ideas.
    And they did it without the communication systems we have now.
    Everyone’s opinion is valuable, and adds to the mix.
    We don’t always agree, but whichever way it is, discussion helps us to clarify our own ideas.
    And hearing what others have to say, we get food for thought.
    This can lead us to modify a view we formed previously.
    We are experiencing the ‘schoolroom of life’.
    Altogether, we are in that fabulous ‘win win’ situation.

    So Betty, I do hope you will think again.
    Either here, or on some other twig?
    There are lots of trees to perch in.
    And all of them have an interesting view?
    Giving you all that food for thought?
    Perhaps your fingers will start to twitch?
    I will send you a pencil and paper as well?
    I regret I cannot ‘run to’ a typewriter today. ^_^



    Mal, I have been thinking about mobile phones.
    They are almost a necessity these days, along with the internet and so on.
    But they are being misused by those who seek to detach themselves from the harsh reality of survival.
    They are becoming a form of escapism it seems.
    This appears to be so effective that users are becoming unaware of their surroundings.
    With sometimes disastrous results.
    We shouldn’t ban mobile phones because they are not ‘used for purpose’.
    Instead, we need to educate the users?
    Just how this is to be done I am not sure.
    For my own part, I will try to set an example, and make known the possible consequences of improper use.
    I think that is all I can do?
    I cannot do much about the harsh reality of survival.
    Except to create a friendly and supportive ‘space’ around me.

    Would it be too much to hope that the ‘entertainment’ facility on mobile phones could be discontinued?
    I think it unlikely, as the facility makes too much money.
    Some, who benefit from the income, would say, ‘we cause a bit of damage and the loss of a few lives, but so what?
    What we are doing is legal’.



    The more modern forms of social media have  taken the place of this form of discussion….not always for the better, as there seems to be very little in the form of moderation on the internet now.

    In my own situation, which I think …to some extent…. would reflect others who have dropped away, health issues crop up more frequently.

    Not looking for any sympathy , people…just explaining.

    The last twelve months have been awful for me, and at times have felt  so tired, mentally and physically.

    Having said that, it’s a great pick me up to come in here and see the faithful few.   Like  others I’m grateful that Ray keeps this forum open for us.

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