When Fun turns to Frown

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    I am trying to make you all smile.
    So here is yet another ‘joke’ from long ago.
    I think I should have called it ‘Revenge is Sweet?’

    A mild and harmless looking little man sat himself down to eat a meal in a cafe.
    Just as he did so, three tough looking bikies came through the door.
    The saw the man sitting by himself, and decided to have some fun.
    So, uninvited, they sat at his table.
    One of them took the man’s coffee and drank it.
    The next man took the man’s pie and ate it.
    The third man took the man’s sandwich and ate it.
    Without saying a word, the little man got up, went to the counter, paid the bill, and left the cafe.
    ‘Just look at that’ said one of the bikies.
    ‘We drank his coffee and ate his food, and he didn’t say or do anything.
    He can’t be much of a man.’
    The waitress was nearby. She looked through the window.
    She said: ‘he’s not much of a driver either.
    As he was leaving in his truck, he ran over three motor bikes in the car park.’

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