Why did I join Greypath?

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    I can only explain this to you by written word.
    Please don’t treat it as ‘pontificating’.
    I thought Greypath would be a forum where older persons would be expressing ideas and thoughts about life in general, as well as commenting on items of interest in the news.
    Not so much a place of debate as a place of open discussion.
    I have many times seen animated conversation amongst a group of persons in a shopping centre.
    I thought it might be the same at Greypath, but using written words instead.
    I had hoped there would be polite and friendly criticism of each other’s posts.
    I hoped any criticism would be both logical and robust.
    Older persons have seen life, and are far more able to give a candid and practical assessment of a difficulty?
    There might also be personal ‘glimpses’, simple social pleasantries, to ‘fill in the gaps’ so to speak.
    It hasn’t all quite worked out as I hoped it would.
    Response has been limited, to say the least.
    Sometimes with a tendency to be less than polite.
    It appears a few want to engage in idle chit-chat only.
    (or is it that I just don’t appreciate the art of gentle conversation?)  ^_^
    This is all ok I guess, but I was hoping for more.
    In spite of all this, I have gained immeasurably from my limited participation.
    I tend to think the mental exercise involved has given me clearer thinking, and greater perception.
    I am better informed, and thus a wiser person, from having engaged in research from time to time.
    Thinking and appraising has hidden benefits it seems.
    I wonder if other ‘Greypathers’ feel the same?
    Or have I got it all wrong?
    Is it all a waste of time?


    Williamthebold Greypath used to be exactly as you describe-that you thought it may have been – it was once a huge forum site, but that was well before all the other internet discussion sites opened up.
    But then unfortunately we then had several folk who started to make trouble, they started calling some folk trolls and so on, Ray had to then step in and ban quite few of them from this site. So that seemed to start the demise of greypath, and unfortunately a quite few of our lovely older regulars retired.
    We do seem to have quite alot of folks though who come to read but don’t post anything.
    Also life has become very busy for alot of people,- me- I often don’t get to look at Greypath for a week or more sometimes, but then I do enjoy reading the posts we still get.


    I think Betty has nailed it. Spot on.

    William although I think your posts are too long it was only meant as a suggestion.
    Hell some of my posts are also too long at times.

    See I too have broken the three sentence rule!
    I seem to upset you so I might move on.
    I will let others respond .


    Betty unfortunately a few trolls pop in from time to time. I called a few out and others should too.
    Trolls like to stir the pot. They can be anyone from a teen age kid with a chip on her shoulder or some may even be a former member using another name to attack you me anyone because they do not like something you said.
    I mostly simply post TROLL ALERT.
    They use a name we are unfamiliar with.
    Trolls have often attacked lovely people.
    Jennywren a beautiful lady had a troll attack and I think it was horrid.
    See .. I broke the three sentence rule! Its not just William.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    Agreed that we have over the years had our share of trolls and lovely folk here and sad to me that so many look but don’t participate.I’m sorry if we have disappointed you WTB and I can only speak for myself and I confess I do not always read your full posts ,much as I admire your ability to write  them,and  dislke my own ability to appreciate them’for the simple reason that my ancient brain can no longer process such volume and my ancient bones   do not let me play on here as much as I would like .And Tiv there is no need for you to leave, there are only a few of us left here ,surely we can agree to disagree and keep our cyber friendships and Greypath alive


    I just don’t have the knack of brevity exhibited by Winston Churchill.
    His classic line: ‘the front line runs through the factories’ said so much to so many in so few words.
    I would like to emulate him, but fear I fall far short of his succinct oratory.
    I will just need to go on being me.
    And by the way, I think the exchange of ideas can well and truly include recipes, or receipts if you are old enough to remember the use of that word.


    Well william I cannot argue with that. My comments were meant to be constructive and thank you for taking my feedbback as intended.
    I still think you are are a nice man if perhaps a bit long winded.
    Dont worry I have more flaws than a Department store lol. I just made that up!


    Let us hope the department store is all at ground level then.


    Another victim of the attacks was caddymag. What a wonderfully intelligent man. Then we had Nico. Nico could give as good as he got however he was a very fine poster. I miss both of them.

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