Why did I join Greypath?

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    I never knew these two fine gentlemen. But on your recommendation, I will most readily raise my hat in salute.

    Gold Class

    Well I’d like to find a heading where I could ask all you Seniors in Qld if you know of any affordable decent places to rent unfurnished that doesn’t take all our pension. Please don’t suggest Eureka, they rob you of every cent you get.


    As a general circumstance, many of the elderly here are just managing to look after themselves, and that is all.
    They are not in a position to assist with the type of help you obviously need.
    Whilst they can sympathise with you, and perhaps give some advice, that is about all they CAN do.
    Government agencies are the only ones in a position to assist for the longer term.
    Your local member of parliament SHOULD be able to listen CONSTRUCTIVELY?
    If not, try a nearby member of another parliamentary group or faction?
    I am thinking that the recently announced cash payments might give you just a tiny bit of relief?
    The upheaval in the community due to covid-19 might cause changes which benefit you too?
    All we can do is hope that your situation eases soon.
    Others might have something more constructive to say.
    I hope so.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 12 total)
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