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    I wrote  a review about this film quite sometime back now, and many people looked forward to seeing it—” hooray” it has at long  last hit the screens at the cinema’s.

    I managed to see it yesterday but its the scariest, creepiest, film I have seen for quite some time. Helen Mirren was just terrific as the widow Sarah Winchester who felt she was haunted by the  souls  of the victims  that had been killed by the’ Winchester Rifle” , a repeating rifle company,  a huge business that her husband had owned    .

    In her own time many people thought she was crazy, ‘ Winchester’ the movie  starts with the premise that she is not, and a  psychiatrist comes to test her sanity on behalf of her board of directors, Sarah Snook plays her niece Marion and her son Henry appears possessed. Right from the arrival of the doctor , nasty faces keep popping out trying to scare the pants off us and some very odd occurrences  too many to quote   You actually see alot of the house demolished at one stage , and those scenes  are reproduced from an earthquake that occurred  in 1916

    After Sarah ‘s husband and baby died in 1884  and she inherited a fortune of $20million   she started to build a house  south of San Fransisco and she did not stop altering and building till 1938,  the  house has about 160 rooms, including 40 bedrooms, numerous  bathrooms, and staircases that go no where, the house apparently still stands and is a huge tourist  attraction .

    I read a review that gave the film only three stars and the reviewer  wondered why Helen Mirren would appear in a B grade movie . Sorry I don’t agree with that statement My daughter and I agreed it was a  really  fantastic creepy movie actually  based on many true events.

    Be prepared to have the pants scared off you if you decide to see this movie.


    Thanks for that very good review Betty. I’ll keep a watch for it to arrive locally. My movie going tends to be only once a year and I so long for the old days of British films!

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