Young Ones Again

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    bettyh Vic
    bettyh Vic

    Lately I have heard quite alot of people saying they are disgusted with teenagers of today, they won’t know how to do anything around the house or yard, or fix anything when they get older as they just don’t seem interested in learning.  What a shock when they have to get a tradie in do it and will be charged a fortune.   All they seem interested in is playing games on their phones, or looking at their computers.

    Even when some are asked to come and watch and maybe learn they decline . Just heard about  one teenager asked to put on some washing whilst his mum was out- did he do it- nope- asked why, he said he had a clean shirt for school the next day.  What is happening to our young people ? must admit not all are behaving this way,  but lots are, and   people just don’t seem to know the answer.



    I fear there is no answer, or none that we might expect to really work.

    I see some parents send their kids to “boot camp”. I see that as a failure of their parenting responsibilities and an unwillingness to deal with the anger, tears, compromises and occasional failures encountered in bringing up kids.

    I am not a fan of boot camps – anything that promises a simple solution to changing behaviour, using essentially brutality as the teaching tool, is just putting off the day of reckoning. Kids remember.

    The old adage “lead by example” surely applies to use all. Alas, our political classes seem not to understand. And the “role models” for our youth set up by our sporting associations quite often fall off their pedestals. We set up special programmes to address issues and assume that a persistent problem has been solved so no need to continue with the programme – we’ll set up another one when the problem re-occurs.

    Most of all we fail to measure, or are seemingly unable to properly measure, the impact of policy changes over many years. Thus shifts in funding for education streams are driven by what seemed a good idea at the time. And no account is ever drawn up. We fret over NAPLAN, etc and never consider that perhaps we are measuring the wrong things. And measuring at the wrong time and place.  Time better spent teaching is used up preparing for tests agreeable to politicians. But I seem to have gone a little off topic.



    This phenomenon of indolent youth has been around for as long as history has been written.
    I seem to remember some account of the same thing being ‘penned’ by some scribe in ancient Rome.
    I am sure others will remember the account to which I refer much better than I do.
    If you ignore the time it was written, it could aptly apply to the youth of today.
    After all the effort they put in to ‘growing up’, it appears our youth are hard-wired to take a break.
    A kind of holiday before getting on with life.
    It frustrates their parents and others that they appear not to have a sense of responsibility.
    This won’t come until the real world surrounds them.
    At work perhaps, when they know their workmates need them to step up and be there to help.
    Having children will give them a sudden jolt in the right direction too.
    Simply put, they won’t understand or contribute responsibly to life until they are out in the real world.
    This is a general statement of course.
    There are many whose grasp of truth leads them to have a responsible view of living much earlier.
    I think this applies to those who live away from cities, on farms and so on, who grow up being more realistic.
    They are exposed to the real world from the start, and develop a sense of responsibility much earlier.
    Ask yourself when you became responsible?
    Be truthful now. Didn’t you also have a time when you were typically youthful?
    Just a few thoughts to inform and provoke.
    Poorly written, but it might lead to comment? *_*

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