A Few Things I’d Like to See

I may well be getting old and cranky, but here are a few things I’d like to see.

1. The death penalty returned for certain heinous crimes
2. A freight and passenger railway line all the way around Australia’s coastline
3. Drug dealers who supply drugs associated with a death, to be charged with manslaughter
4. Citizenship potentially revocable for first and second generation migrants
5. A fair and compassionate work for the dole system enforced. If you can only work one day or other a week, them that’s fine. (Have we run out of things to do)?
6. Keeping the use of the word ‘hero’ for real heroes. Don’t continue to dilute what it means.
7. A press that tells us the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
8. A nationally, bi party agreed ‘ Vision Splendid’ for us for the rest of this century.
9. A non obfuscated, itemised, national climate change policy

I could go on, but would be interested on what we greypather’s feel about the above and any ideas you may have on your wishlist?

10 thoughts on “A Few Things I’d Like to See

  1. 1. No. The killing must stop.
    2. Is there a substantial benefit? If so, yes, otherwise no.
    It would create a lot of work though.
    3. Possibly. Whatever we like to think, it is a contract. They supply, someone buys.
    The buyer is part of the deal. If you blame the seller, you must also blame the buyer.
    He must share the blame when there is a negative outcome.
    The seller cannot be held totally responsible, and this must surely be a mitigating circumstance?
    4. No. When a person is born in this country, that is his country.
    Do we want to visit his deficiencies on another community?
    What if they were to do the same to us?
    These people are our citizens, and our responsibility.
    5. Maybe. If work were available, no one would be out of work.
    Would a part time work scheme be practicable?
    Or would it cost more to implement than any derived financial benefit?
    6. No. The meaning of words undergoes many changes over time.
    A meaning can reverse, such as for the word ‘nice’.
    I don’t think such ‘ebb and flow’ of language can be controlled.
    7. In principle yes. But think what that would do to sales.
    If we insist on absolute truth for the press, then we should apply the same idea to other areas too?
    For example, when people are told to ‘buy this, and you get this other thing free’.
    Nothing is free. It is all paid for. All costs are factored in to a selling price.
    So the sellers are propagating an outrageous fib.
    But we do seem to be stuck on the concept of ‘but wait, there’s more….’ Would we miss that?
    8. A good idea. If we don’t have it, it is because the people are (collectively) sitting on their hands.
    9. Same as 8.

  2. Thanks William. In an editorial it is very hard to get an idea across without qualifiers that would make each point rather too long winded. Your responses valued. By the way that’s not my picture!


    • Thank you Ray. I didn’t think it was you as I didn’t think you would look that grim. ^_^ ^_^
      If I had been able to edit my post, I would have changed (1.) and added ‘The killing must stop.’
      Of course, my responses were only my own ‘ideas’ really. Not guaranteed to be entirely relevant.

  3. I would like all persons will think harder, and become more in tune with events taking place around them.
    Government response to national affairs should become far more determined and brisk.
    Those we elect to run our affairs must be more accountable to the public, as they carry out their duties.

    All of us have a right to privacy in a private life, but secrecy in public and working life must be limited to practical issues.
    We need to be far more fully informed of what is going on in our community.
    The ‘behind closed doors’ syndrome has to stop.
    This is particularly so for government.

    As an example:
    When the city gates are left open to facilitate the movement of people, and this makes it far easier for a known serious virus to enter our lives, then government must be held accountable.
    Not just at the ballot box.
    If death results from an avoidable ingress of pestilence, their lack of action will be a contributing factor.
    They must suffer consequence.
    Time for them to stand up and make more logical decisions.

    But we must also be play our part.
    We must accept the ‘fall-out’ from sudden ‘changes of direction’.
    We must learn to live with the repercussions, when government acts to protect us.
    We must not complain about the difficulties which arise as a result.
    We must find a way around them instead.
    We too must be logical.

  4. The first line above should have included the word ‘that’.
    Viz: I would like ‘that’ all persons…
    And a subsequent line end as: ‘make decisions which are more logical’.

    I would also like people to stop referring to temperature as hot or cold. Temperature is a number, not a condition.
    Also, I would like people to stop splitting infinitives, and using other similar totally unnecessary exaggerations in speech.
    Try to keep it simple.
    Unless you are old like me and tend to ramble. ^_^

  5. And just one more thing.
    Please let us stop using the word ‘myself’ in place of the perfectly good word ‘me’.
    I almost grit my teeth every time I hear it done.

  6. I would like to live in an Australia where one can express one’s thoughts freely, without fear of violent or vicious repercussion, or indeed, threats.
    I agree with the majority of Ray’s list, and as usual, a pleasure to read William’s considered responses.

  7. RE A few things I would like to see

    I agree with bring back the Death Penalty. Without this ultimate deterrent we have an increasingly violent society.

    It was banned with changing words – and maybe hanging innocent people. So on my wish list.

    It wasn’t used unless there was no doubt at all that the person was caught “holding the smoking gun” – any doubt and Life was the verdict. Meant life too.

    It was banned in a plan by the UN in 1960’s to govern the world once it was so violent etc we would all be crying out for Law & Order to be restored. 2nd part of plan was also to dumb down education so more easily to get younger folk to follow UN’s Lead. As well to educate teachers to do this and be leaders of the younger folk once it came to plan being close to success.

    Can anyone deny it seems to be working well today with so called AGW aka Climate Change, and young girls/boy gangs disrupting anything they dislike. And no real action to stop them – just one – cut off the dole.

    Drug dealers need harsher penalties too- drugs kill as well as ruin young lives. Most do it for greed and easy dollars in their wallets. Greed is one of the seven sins.

    And our younger folk now little as no longer taught religion and even cut out of Parliaments today too.
    In fact its almost becoming a sin to be a Christian of any kind.

    RE stripping citizenship. Very much on the cards today with so many let in who then turn around and take citizenship because it allows them to bring in extended families on taxpayers $. Only reason, as some cultures hate ours but take what we hand out and then return back to whence they came on age pension being awarded.

    Many things are coming to light too.

    Like I didn’t know that the Federal Gov dosen’t have the power to call our military out – belongs to the State government (s). Like most of the things I thought the Feds did.
    I thought also were similar to Westminster – where that the main government governs outright and gives monies to the County Councils (head council) in each county (state here) for hospitals education and services etc. Also paid police fire, eachers etc.
    So Like now – State govs here got given the money to build dams by Feds but haven’t built any for years – yet we blame the Feds. As didn’t know. Media doesnt know either seemingly.

    Unbelievable. My thought then is to give those powers where it belongs in the Federal Government we all IMHO think rule the roost – no wonder things are going bad with 8 govs having to agree etc.
    So I’d like to live long enough to see that altered. Reckon we follow the American System not Westminster where out roots are in reality.

  8. I still rather like the old bloke at the head of this article. The one sporting the blue shirt, the grim expression, and with bags under his eyes.
    Do you think we could buy him a hat?
    That might cheer him up?

  9. Very interesting ideas Ray.
    Emotionally I understand many want the death penalty returned but I remember Father Brosman saying that when the death penalty is returned the protests against it increase.
    Its a very emotive issue.

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