Aged Care Royal Commission

It will be of great interest to many Greypathers to see what this Royal Commission brings in to the light. I have visited many such aged care facilities and have yet to see anything like the matters that led to the commission being appointed. That said, if the recent investigations in to the banks and financial institutions are any guide, we are in for some most unpleasant findings. We seniors, as both votersĀ  and potential users of aged care services, and our seniors organizations, will need to be heard loudly when the time comes for action.

6 thoughts on “Aged Care Royal Commission

  1. I agree. The homes I have visited have always done their best for residents. However the main problem remains. There are never enough staff through no fault of their managers. Most staff have come from overseas and done their qualifications in Oz. Few Aussies want to take on this job which can be challenging in the extreme. The Aussies I have met there have been outstanding however.

  2. Lets hope the Government doesn’t waste time effecting the Royal Commission into the Disability sector.Its a pity it takes a Royal Commission to fix these problems. BettyM.

  3. Some pictures on TV a while back showed an elderly man being bashed by a male worker. It was disgusting.
    The Royal Commission is good news.

  4. Until such time that we have staff to patient ratios introduced, as they have already mandated for childcare, we will continue to have the least educated and motivated members “caring” for our elderly.

    The pay is abysmal. There is a 6 week, online course that may be taken.

    I personally know a woman, who I can barely understand, who has passed the test, and is now working in aged care.

  5. Although a working knowledge of English is important, I think an empathy with the patients is important.
    Many regard this as an easy job to fill in the day

  6. Oh Boy! ‘Easy’ certainly does not describe all the tasks they need to do. Messy, frustrating, tiring are more descriptive but fortunately there are good souls who find it also very rewarding.

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