Climate Change

Keeping and open mind I hope, it seems to me that the evidence of human introduced climate change, riding on top of any natural climate variations, is a fact. That said, and despite the amount of Australia’s atmospheric pollution being largely irrelevant in a world sense, everyone, (not just the prime polluters China and the USA), needs to join with the  world all over in playing our part in the control of what global warming effects that we can.

The vast majority of climate science indicates that in the next decade, we are likely approaching a so called ‘tipping point’, where, by the end of this century, atmospheric heating effects will ‘run away’, out of our control, and lead to a vastly different and much less hospitable world to live in for those who follow us.

It appears that we will need world wide political pressure, by every voter, everywhere,  to effect the necessary changes we need, and rapidly reduce our reliance on oil, gas and coal, if we are to have any chance of keeping our world largely as it is today.

A friend of Greypath has just released a heartfelt video on the subject which you might care to have a look at and circulate elsewhere if you wish..  


5 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I agree.
    There has always been climate change, but up till now it has been a gradual process.
    Man, by the way he uses the resources on this planet, has accelerated the process remarkably.
    One hopes it has not got to the point where the rate of change is ‘out of control’.
    If so, it will get an awful lot hotter before it gets cooler again, if it ever does.
    And this grim scenario will be taking place over thousands of years, if not longer.
    We should act as quickly as we can, and do as many of the right things as we can do, to minimise man’s impact on climate.
    It might be too late.
    I think it was about 1986 when scientists advised us what was happening, and the probable outcomes.
    Did we listen?
    Some did.
    But there was a hard core of persons who did not, among them politicians in all parts of the world.
    They emphatically denied climate change.
    It puts me in mind of a boat that is sinking slowly due to major damage to the hull.
    A crewman stands on deck, and says, ‘There is nothing wrong with this boat. It is not sinking’.
    Will he continue to say this as the boat slips below the waves?
    Will his eyes open wide with surprise?
    Now I will go and watch the video.
    Thank you for the link.

  2. I watched the video, and am prompted to make a few more remarks.
    It was a dramatic video.
    It covered some important points.
    But, we should not get caught up in the drama, however worthy.
    Instead, give careful consideration to the points it raises, but keep a cool head.
    A cool head is absolutely vital if we are to gain control of, and reverse, the heating of our planet.

    There is one thing not mentioned. The change of lifestyle which will be necessary for us.
    In the future, I see public transport being used to the exclusion of private vehicles.
    Air travel will be minimal.
    Bicycles might make a dramatic comeback as a mode of transport.
    Shank’s pony will be well to the fore. Will we be healthier because of that?
    I see people living within walking distance of their place of work where possible.
    There will be more and smaller shops, and they will be within walking distance.
    I see more people working from home via a much improved communication system.
    Luxuries as we know them will change.
    We will live a more basic style of existence.
    We will still be happy and well fed, but our happiness will be found more in the family unit, and less in material wealth.
    It can be a well designed and comfortable style of living, even though it is one we might not have anticipated.
    A sort turning back the clock to allow it to go forward.
    It will be pleasing to the majority.

  3. I agree with the remarks of Ray and William, and the video is very impressive.
    However, as China, India and the USA (accounting for about half of mankind’s emissions),are all increasing their use of coal fired power stations, I fail to see why we should be limiting our use of them until the others do so.

  4. Ted, simply because two serious wrongs don’t make a right?
    Most people live with what they can see and hear and touch around them right now.
    That is the limit of their understanding of where they are.
    They do not, or can not, stand back and visualise what is happening to the world as a whole.
    Those who do so tell us that we are now dangerously close to having an out of control situation here on our home planet.
    One where conditions, particularly changing temperature and weather patterns, will make it almost uninhabitable for us.
    Can we go somewhere else?
    Last time I looked there were no bus or train services available to any other habitable planet.
    So we will all have to stay here, and move ‘en masse’ to the few places where survival might be possible.
    All the things we are doing now to pollute the planet, and bring about these highly undesirable changes, must stop.
    Life for us is going to have to change.
    If we don’t do the things we need to do, life as we know it might cease to exist on this earth.
    There will be few persons, if any at all, left here to carry on.
    Animals like crocodiles might survive. They will have plenty to eat for a while?
    That is the reality of it all.
    We cannot collectively close our eyes to it forever.

  5. Climate change is a reality and the science is clear. Mostly the opponents of science like climate and the anti vaccination people do great harm.

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