A quick way to separate yourself from your money.

The ABC will, on Monday night (26th June) run an expose on the costs to seniors who enter retirement villages, featuring one group in particular. Among ‘over the top’ charges, we have heard of horrendous ‘make good on departure levies’ before, but apparently a departure charge of 40% of the original cost of buying a unit ‘takes the cake’….

No senior should ever trust anyone who is selling us services of any kind. Always get opinions from others who are using or have used such services, from house cleaning, repairs, through to accommodation, and more.

3 thoughts on “A quick way to separate yourself from your money.

  1. oh, boy!! this program should be interesting to watch to learn what not to do – thanks for the info 🙂

  2. I believe the featured group is the largest in Australia. The Four Corners program should be fascinating.

  3. A few years ago, I had decided to downsize, and started to look at my options.
    At one point I put a holding deposit down on a unit in a retirement village.
    Shortly after, I had to go into hospital, with a lengthy recovery period following, so I pulled out.
    So glad I did now,as have heard many horror stories since, and the 4 Corners program confirmed much of what I’d heard.
    If you didn’t see it, it’s worth catching up on iview.

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