Snouts in the Trough Again

We were regaled earlier this week with news of an Australian CEO, funded indirectly from the public purse, who is paid about $6 million p.a. for doing a job that his US counterpart, with a business at least ten times as large, was paid $350K p.a.!

After a lifetime of seeing such matters arise , I think its well overtime that we established  independent, national and state, Public Salaries Probity Boards, with sweeping powers of arrest and recovery, if such is legally justified. Those  who have approved ‘found to be corrupt or wrong’ payments, should also be charged. .No wonder so many of the disaffected voted for Trump. This sort of stuff has gone on long enough!!!

Since this post the Victorian Goverment Speaker has resigned after failing the ‘ pub test’, for about $35000 allowances apparent misuse, and now his Deputy Speaker is under pressure re a much larger amount. for a similar matter.!!!

3 thoughts on “Snouts in the Trough Again

  1. I fully agree Ray , we hear about the Politicians being overpaid , But are they really ? On call most of the time at Home or in their electoral office , when Parliament is not sitting , living away from home and family .To have public servants paid more than the Ministers in charge of their departments is fundamentally wrong .The $6 million paid to this public servant , is 12 times what the prime Minister is paid .Yes it has gone on long enough .

  2. The chairman of the company’s board defended the remuneration being paid.

    A spokeswoman said the company had paid “more than $6.3 billion in dividends and taxes to the Federal Government” since 2007.

    “It is a Government business enterprise, that is true, but it isn’t actually taxpayer funded, it’s self-funded, so it generates profit and generates its own cash.”

    Totally different to the federal public service which has it’s own pay scales, the highest of which is currently $152,523.00. See link below.

  3. Just goes to show The standard of our politicians is at an all time low , when Legal theft can be carried out by the Victorian Speaker and his Deputy. OUTRAGES

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