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To our many friends at Greypath.

As we have aged over the years together, times have changed, and like old soldiers, we have begun to slowly fade away. More modern media have taken over, especially Facebook, and the enthusiasm and energy to keep the site going, for a steadily dwindling group, has faded too.

Felis, Jack Sprat and I, have valued getting to know so many of our fellow seniors over the years and we will miss our daily site visits to see 'whats up'.

So, and sadly, December 31st will be our last day.....

We have sought other sites worth recommending you to, but none that we have found, meet our aspirations for such. I would hope some of you can recommend here sites that you feel may be of interest in lieu of Greypath

We hope too, that you will take this last month together to say goodbye and more, on this last post.

Its been a privilege getting to know so many of you...

Felis in case you had forgotten him


I first heard this term 70 years ago. To my surprise, I am now there, and the term 'Over Bloody Eighty' has real meaning!

These days I don't laugh at the idea of nanna naps, I check the obituaries in the newspapers, I hurt here and there, and I dont watch movies on TV that don't finish till late. and more.. How about you?


Maybe its me, maybe it’s the Covid stuff, but I would really like to see a few changes in our Television ways.

  1. Far less dumb TV discussion, and at length, about footballer's, who are ‘unknown to me’, minor injuries, (especially ACL’s)!!
  2. A simple nightly TV Covid update rather than a 15 minute event.
  3. Far less really dumb ads on TV, where the term ‘video vampires’ has been forgotten (e.g where the video graphics are all consuming and the product they are trying the sell, lost in the hype.
  4. Someone spell checking the flowing text under the news. Nightly errors are a pain. (Although we now treat such as a game).
  5. Less on Donald Trump’s personality on show for all, as he rants against all and sundry.
  6. Too many  good shows coming on free to air TV after 8.30PM
  7. Someone tell me how I got to be 84 so quick!

I would welcome other seniors views on what is giving you the ‘irrits’

Say Hullo to Your Friends and Family via Zoom

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Technology has come a long way recently, as we seniors know.

One such most valued innovation is teleconferencing, so as to keep us in touch with others. Recently we, as a family, have been having a monthly zoom conference, so we can all see and hear each other in fairly natural way despite our varying locations . Zoom and similar such as Skype and other such applications, can be a great isolation 'reducer' for many. It's quite straight forward to use once you can find someone to give you a hand to get set up!

Here's a link to help you get the feel of what its all about.

That Virus

That virus consumes our news and our day to day awareness.

My wife and I have found a daily routine that seems to meet the rules (?) . This one, no doubt, the mental health rule. Such may change.

We do a couple of hours work at home, then go out and buy two take away cups of coffee, then transit to the local beach, and stay in our car enjoying the peaceful view and more. Then its home, a different way each time..

This morning, while parked at the beach, I was rewarded by having this Rainbow Lorikeet tasting Banksia nectar close to my ear!

Let's know how are you filling in your time?

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