US Election

nonameThe biggest news of recent days, is the election of Donald Trump, an outcome that has polarised the world it seems. However, the election of his predecessor, Barak Obama, only polarised America. Not all, but most Americans, have a high regard for Obama now, and one can only hope that over time, Trump will fall into that same category.

Pundits from both sides are still settling down, and so should we. We should ignore the rhetoric from both sides and see how this new President acts, (and is permitted to act). “Ye shall be known by your actions, not your words.”

Lets hope for the best, keep our powder dry, and see what evolves.

Bad Form From the Age Newspaper in Melbourne

abbottThis image is of a full page anti Abbott article in the Age on Saturday the 30th January. I am not at all pro Abbott, but take deep offence at this scurrilous journalism that equates a politician with the avaricious and seedy Gollum of the Hobbit stories, and his  unsavoury quest for his ‘precious’.

Further they wasted an entire page on this tripe. It is gutter press that we seniors should reject.

Shame on a once most respected newspaper.


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