Maybe its me, maybe it’s the Covid stuff, but I would really like to see a few changes in our Television ways.

  1. Far less dumb TV discussion, and at length, about footballer’s, who are ‘unknown to me’, minor injuries, (especially ACL’s)!!
  2. A simple nightly TV Covid update rather than a 15 minute event.
  3. Far less really dumb ads on TV, where the term ‘video vampires’ has been forgotten (e.g where the video graphics are all consuming and the product they are trying the sell, lost in the hype.
  4. Someone spell checking the flowing text under the news. Nightly errors are a pain. (Although we now treat such as a game).
  5. Less on Donald Trump’s personality on show for all, as he rants against all and sundry.
  6. Too many  good shows coming on free to air TV after 8.30PM
  7. Someone tell me how I got to be 84 so quick!

I would welcome other seniors views on what is giving you the ‘irrits’

6 thoughts on “A COVID TV GRIZZLE

  1. William you lose me , you sound like a very intelligent man who keeps himself busy and your brain active but my brain drifts away during your long posts. I confess to not always reading them.
    As for tv , it ‘s my husband that’s the addict. Somehow he can turn on to a movie that’s been on for an hour and continue watching till the end. Maybe it’s the alzheimers that let’s him do that. I like a good movie without ads every 5 minutes, we have Netflix for that reason and I like British comedies.
    If our tv stopped working it wouldn’t bother me.

    • I for one am so sick of cooking shows, first site marriages ,batchelors and the female version, and super fit people making me feel an abject failure because I find it hard to walk a hundred yards,let alone swing through the air.and even worse people going into the jungle with two people who should have more sense ,eating unmentionable things ,and much as I like them, good old British Dramas pale somewhat when you are watching them for the 49th rerun

  2. I recall the old SkyHooks song: Horror Movie: “… it’s there on your TV, horror movie, it’s the 6:30 News…”

  3. I agree WTB we go to bed about 8pm I read, my husband does Cryptic crosswords, any thing we think might be worth watching is always on quite late, as we are not TV watchers we dont bother waiting. What is on early is always just
    foolish rubbish. We dont have Pay TV but what I see advertised also sounds like rubbish. Tv has gone down the drain, yes we deserve better

  4. One more quick comment.
    I don’t know if it applies to you Ray, but this year has gone by so quickly for me, that I haven’t even had time to unwrap xmas presents yet.
    It really does seem that only yesterday it was the end of 2019.
    Surely there must be a cure for this?
    I must try boredom. That might work.
    But then life would be so… uninteresting.

  5. Diluted and Doubtful?
    Tv content has become so puerile that it is of doubtful value for adults?
    It is even too stupid for children, except perhaps for the very young?
    They can view the changing patterns of colour on the screen with some interest?
    I personally find I watch less and less television now.
    Whole evenings go by without a flicker of light on the Tv screen.
    It is just not worth the effort to sift a few bits of grain from all that chaff.
    Advertising has become far too extended, and far too intrusive.
    After putting up with four minutes of advertising, do we get a generous allowance of ad-free time?
    A nice clear picture which will absorb our attention, and warm our hearts?
    Of course not.
    There are ‘watermarks’ on the screen, and additional advertising is added directly to the picture as we watch.
    The latter can cover-up important aspects of the action taking place in a story.
    The whole situation has become absurd.
    Tv is now all about advertising, with a few bits of entertainment thrown in there somewhere?
    If you look hard, you might find them?
    There is only one way to respond, and still retain sanity.
    Just don’t turn on the television set.
    There are many pursuits which can give us much better food for thought.
    Reading a book for example?
    At present, I am working my way through stories by ‘Hammond Innes’, ‘Dick Francis’, Desmond Bagley, and others.
    I am getting to the end of ‘The Wreck Of The Mary Deare’ right now.
    Which reminds me.
    Do others mentally rewrite sentences they are reading?
    I do.
    Sometimes a sentence is awkward, or badly expressed.
    So I spend a few seconds rearranging it in my mind, so that it ‘flows’, instead of being ‘lumpy’.
    Which shows I am paying attention I suppose. ^_^
    But back to television.
    The fact that Tv programmes still appeal to an apparent majority is disturbing.
    Are we all so brain-dead that such grossly poor fare has become acceptable?
    Add to this that most of what you see is just ‘fill-in’ programming.
    There are so many channels now that whatever good material there might be is spread thinly over many outlets.
    It is diluted and doubtful viewing that is being provided for viewers?
    We deserve better than that?

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