Say Hullo to Your Friends and Family via Zoom

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Technology has come a long way recently, as we seniors know.

One such most valued innovation is teleconferencing, so as to keep us in touch with others. Recently we, as a family, have been having a monthly zoom conference, so we can all see and hear each other in fairly natural way despite our varying locations . Zoom and similar such as Skype and other such applications, can be a great isolation ‘reducer’ for many. It’s quite straight forward to use once you can find someone to give you a hand to get set up!

Here’s a link to help you get the feel of what its all about.

One thought on “Say Hullo to Your Friends and Family via Zoom

  1. Well, I installed it.
    A couple of clicks and it was done. (in Linux)
    Now I suppose I must find an acquaintance or two so I can try it out?

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