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    I have been thinking about the importance of greypath, as outlined in another ‘column’.
    I thought I would write about it in a slightly different way.

    For a site like greypath to be viable, it needs a reasonable number of regular contributors, supplemented by a healthy number of ‘visitors’.
    Visitors are a potential source of new members.
    For additional visitors to be attracted to the site, posts should be well worth their attention.
    Each post should be topical, thought-provoking, easily understood.
    Full of real thoughts.
    The posts should be mainly serious views, with some lighthearted content added to give balance?
    Views expressed should be logical and well reasoned.
    It is not enough to say ‘I don’t like what Mr XYZ does’.
    Whoever writes such words should, wherever possible, give sound reasons for his view.
    Readers should be able to understand easily why such a view is considered valid.
    Random statements are not very informative, and are less likely to invite a thoughtful response?
    We each need to become a mixture of Charles Dickens, Baroness Orczy, and Agatha Christie, with a dash of Ian Fleming thrown in for good measure?
    Adding the characteristics of other authors and authoresses is optional?
    I don’t see Greypath as a place to put on ‘airs and graces’ either.
    Time to smooth down any ‘ruffled feathers’, and put your best foot forward?
    Them’s my views, anyway.
    I will be in the ‘stocks’ at noon tomorrow.
    You can throw rotten tomatoes then?


    It has been said time and time again that readers NEVER or at least rarely read past the first three lines. Pictures add more to posts. I am guilty of writing longer posts at times.


    Seriously? If that were the case, newspapers could all be half a page or less?
    Only the first few lines of any article would be needed?
    With a couple of pages of pictures added on, it would be a complete edition.
    More like a comic book though?
    Perhaps that would increase sales?
    Remember you heard this idea first on greypath!
    Thank you Mr Tiv.
    And if what you say is true, I now understand why some people read books so quickly.
    I, on the other hand, read every word, and so waste a lot of time.


    William I am trying to be constructive. I made it quite clear I did the same thing.
    I have looked back at my posts and some were too long.
    Why do you always resist feed back?
    I am quite happy with feed back.
    Because of my eyes I make many errors and the grey path community have been helpful.
    Did you ever write summaries or precis writing at school?
    Books are a very different matter.
    We do not look at forums to read novels.
    News papers?
    What are they?


    Time is never wasted on books William


    I don’t think we are here to impress anyone, or to prove anything.
    We are here to write down facts and impressions, so that others might see a different side to a situation.
    We are a repository for all things good and interesting?
    I, for one, try to keep personalities out of it: I rely on facts to speak for themselves.
    We should always be socially polite like this?
    But include a little light hearted banter now and then?


    Ok ok ok. I shall resist giving feed back.
    Although your posts are too long in the end it does not matter.
    Do as you wish.


    I have to admit that sometimes I see Williams long posts and I either don’t read or I skim over the words. I think we’ve been down this road before about his long posts.
    Having said that he is a great contributor to Greypath therefore keeping the site alive.


    I think it perfectly legitimate to comment on the length of a post.
    I don’t think my posts are too long, by the way.
    Sometimes I need more than a few lines to get a point across.
    I see others do the same sometimes.
    You could pretend they are half a dozen posts all rolled in to one?
    That might make the reading of them less laborious?
    I look forward to all posts.
    Better to have something to read than nothing at all?

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