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    Good thinking William , you could split one post into smaller ones and mark them part a,b,c etc so we know that they are all one topic.
    Where there’s a will there’s a way.


    Must admit, I read long texts in books, reports, news articles, etc .

    BUT, on social media, it’s short and sharp that takes my attention. No interest in long and detailed explanations of any one particular poster’s view of the world.


    William feed back is not a personal attack. You are able to reject the advice and feed back.


    .. unfortunately, when I see someone posting who really likes to leave a comment on every topic ..

    well .. it’s time for me to leave ..

    Good luck folks .. I’m not on here to argue over personal opinions.


    Chapter one:
    Mr Tiv. Of course it is not a personal attack. It is an opinion expressed.
    To paraphrase ‘the raven’ very liberally, ‘nothing more than that’.
    Our opinions are going to differ, for we are human beings from a variety of backgrounds.

    Chapter two:
    And we are adults too, so we accept the differences of others.
    But sometimes we might scratch our head, and fix someone with a ‘glittering’ eye?
    But no matter. That is life.

    Chapter three:
    And the words of Mr Biggles worry me.
    I don’t really understand them.
    At this time we need more posts.
    The more the merrier.
    That is it; plain and simple.

    Chapter four:
    And so endeth this tale of mystery and intrigue…
    Tune in again next week for another captivating episode.
    Brought to you be the makers of “Excellent Soaps”
    An aroma and texture for every occasion!


    I hope I have not upset william because it was not my intention.
    As others are saying you do hot have to read the posts that are too long.
    Hell I have written posts that are too long…feed back is, in my case, welcome.
    I have vision issus so if you see typos I do not mind being corrected.


    Mr Tiv. Should there come a day when I take umbrage at an honest opinion, honestly expressed, that is a day when I might be stronger than a locomotive, or even able to jump tall buildings in a single bound?
    That day won’t come, will it.
    So all is sweet. (as is said in the classics?)
    I personally thank you for your interesting posts.
    Because we don’t always agree doesn’t make them less interesting.


    Thanks william.

    At least you do not have my bloody awful typos.
    I sometimes read my posts even after I thought I had proof read them and find awful errors.
    Trouble is afer a while we cannot edit here.
    Worse is the space bar issue.
    The ipad is the problem. Maybe I should do all of my stuff on the computer.


    I use a laptop or desktop computer.
    I gave up on ipads and smart phones and the like, except for basic functions.
    I like a big keyboard that I can feel, and one which responds without fuss to keys being pressed.
    I like a screen I can see too. Not one at which I need to squint.
    I understand the ‘edit’ time for posts has been extended now, so that should be better for you?
    And I had teachers at school who impressed on me the need for accuracy.
    I am sure Miss Mitchell would rise up and berate me, were I to make too many errors.
    Do you have icecream in the freezer?

Viewing 9 posts - 10 through 18 (of 20 total)
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