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    I am writing about this film as its all about a virus that infected the world, and it seemed so similar to what is going on now .

    It stars Brad Pitt and the title   #World War Z#

    The virus when it infected people it turned them into Zombies.

    Fortunately covid  19 doesn’t do that but there were alot of similarities people didn’t know how it started  or how they could get rid of it.

    A statement that was quite good was “Mother nature is a serial killer”

    It was quite frightening when you saw a zombie bite someone then the next thing was that person became snarling and ugly as they lurched around trying to find other people to bite and  infect.

    Brad Pitt who supposedly was with the UN travelled to various countries trying to help the people fight the Zombies and eventually he  did manage to defeat them. But in case you manage to see this film I wont divulge the ending. This film is about 8 yrs old  but is still available in the video areas.  Our daughter bought it  several weeks back, and I must admit it had me almost pinned to my seat

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