A True Story

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    It is interesting that how people behave towards you can mask their (secret) intentions or desires.
    When we are young, we are not always worldly enough to understand this is so.
    It gets a bit easier as we get older.
    In my pre-adult phase, one particular young woman was wont to get in to a physical ‘struggle’ with me.
    It was somewhat annoying, and usually finished up with me sitting on her to stop her antics.
    When I had journeyed to adulthood, I looked back and realised the meaning of her actions.
    I leave it to you to work out her (possibly unrealised) intention.
    So if someone is socially aggressive towards you, that won’t always mean what it might indicate initially.
    There can be hidden intent: perhaps just the need to be noticed.
    Perhaps something else.
    Life is full of interesting quirks.
    What has happened to you on your life’s journey?
    What ‘true stories’ have taught you something?


    During the latter stages of my   working life, my boss was a woman.

    She had a rather cold demeanour in general, and, being a somewhat timid person, I found it difficult at times.   After a couple of years of working with her, she opened up a little about her personal life.   Eventually she and her husband divorced, and she became even more approachable.

    It was, as I look back now, an interesting exercise to work with this person, and see the subtle changes in her personality through that period of her life.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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