ABC news again:

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    I copied these from the abc news website.
    (these stories can be found easily)

    Donald Trump says shooter of LA deputies should get ‘fast trial death penalty’ if the officers die

    Statements like this worry me.
    If this is a true representation of words spoken by Donald Trump, he should revise them.
    The law is not something which can be played with.
    It is not something which can be ‘fast-tracked’.
    Not something where the result is anticipated so easily.
    Application of the law must be a careful and thoughtful process.
    It must have the aim of being meticulously fair and just at all times.
    We don’t live in the ‘wild west’ anymore.
    No more dramatic gun battles on main street to settle a difference quickly.
    Business men will tend to think like this though?
    Get it done, and get it done quickly?
    But even business men think things through carefully first?
    They avoid risk where possible?
    Is Mr Trump being caught up in the excitement of the moment?
    Time for him to step back and be more sedate?

    Also from the abc news website:

    ‘She is heartless’: Man pays for plane banner to protest Palaszczuk’s tough border stance.
    Man caught sneaking through Queensland border by hiring tow truck to take car across.

    Are the people in these stories really in touch with what is happening around them?
    Where do such absurd attitudes come from?
    Are these typical?
    If so, where did our society go wrong?
    The war on covid-19 is not a game.
    But some seem to think it is.
    Time for these few to stop ‘running on instinct’, and use reason instead?
    Time for them to ‘grow-up’?
    I have quite deliberately restrained the intensity of my comment.


    I think Donald Trump forgets to put his brain into gear before opening his mouth.
    As for the protesters, they are always happy to protest but never seem to come up with another solution. Walk a mile in the Premiers shoes and spend half hour in their heads then see how hard life is for them to make the decisions that they do to protect their state and the people in it.
    It’s been hard for Victorians and a massive headache for Dan Andrews but this mornings news is fewer cases and no deaths.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I amazes me that Andrews has not had some sort of a breakdown through all this, his head must be swimming .and the abuse he is getting is disgraceful .In view of the stupidity of people who think they know more that the science and the medical people ,he can only do what his advisors tell him


    Dusty Dan has been remarkable.
    The attacks by sky news and the right have been cruel.
    History will treat him well.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I hope so Tiv ,he surely does not deserve what he is copping now,and some among the LNP should hang their heads in shame,Including the current leaders

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