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    all I can think of about this horrible news about what went on in Afghanistan in 2012/13 is has anyone seen to the mental health of the soldiers involved. It is said that they were ordered to kill. They must be suffering from PTSD and will live with those moments for the rest of their lives. My husband is a Vietnam veteran so I know how PTSD affects their lives. We were married before he went over there and a definitely different young man came back.
    I hope the present government investigates every detail thoroughly before the media gets hold of any names. After all it is the government of the day that sends these young men to these countries.


    The attitude we take towards the ADF has often concerned me. We take young men, and train them to kill the “enemy”, i.e. any one that our government has decided is sufficiently different to be below human. We teach them to hate all those on the other side, as indeed, we must in order for the forces to operate properly. Then, when they do what they have been trained to do, we scream ” atrocities !!”

    I have heard a quote (many years ago now). “What would happen if they held a war and nobody turned up?” Still relevant.


    Exactly penguin Pete.
    My apologies this is rather a long read but probably the best I have read or heard in the media on this subject


    We must not condone wrong-doing by anyone.
    It is grossly unfair to others who abide by the rules.
    In this case, we don’t know enough to make an informed assessment.
    So we must leave it to those who do, and trust to their judgment.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I fear that “Those who do” will slide right out of it and a few poor buggers will be left to carry the can. The  top in these things always manage to come out squeaky clean, We know  nothing of the mental state of these young men at the time ,for all we will ever know, they could have been acting under orders,  For me ,they are innocent until proven guilty

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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