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    I wrote this over a year ago.
    I didn’t post it as I thought it might not be ‘good reading’.
    However, Covid-19 has changed our lives, and caused us to reflect on many things.
    So I thought that perhaps it might now be acceptable.
    And I meant to put it in ‘Senate’, but messed up again. Sorry Ray.

    I have an active mind. It ranges far and wide.
    I ‘turn over’ in my mind the pros and cons of all sorts of things.
    I am sure I am not always right, but it is a pleasant mental activity even so.
    Stories are one of the many things I have been thinking about.
    These are some of my conclusions.

    Animals are constantly alert to the changing world around them.
    They know the state of play very well.
    They need to know this, to have warning of danger.
    Their ‘senses’ react to many and varied stimuli, so their senses get a very good ‘workout’.
    For us, our modern regulated way of life means we are not likely to experience the same dangers.
    We have no need to ‘sniff out’ food either.
    Our senses lie somewhat dormant and unused.
    But senses are an essential part of our survival kit, and we should keep them vital?
    With stories, we can tickle and tease our senses and emotions.
    Stories are a useful way of bringing feelings alive.
    Stories encourage us to exercise and sharpen our senses.

    Descriptions in a story can stimulate imagination, and transport us to a different world.
    This is healthy, as it allows us to have a ‘mental holiday’.
    A flicker of fear, a flash of excitement, the soft breath of love, can come to us as a story unfolds.
    Our senses have a veritable banquet.
    When we leave that other ‘world’, and return to everyday life, we normally find ourselves refreshed.
    We should be better able to tackle life’s daily tasks?
    Unfortunately, for some this isn’t so.
    They find themselves wanting to remain in the story world.
    For them it is a safer and far more congenial place to be?

    So they live constantly in that world, and take on the role of an actor within it.
    In daily life they dress to suit the part they have chosen, and behave as if they are on stage.
    They practice their lines so they know what to say.
    They create an illusory world around them.
    My observation is that more people live in this kind of world than we might realise.
    And I don’t mean those who use social ‘niceties’ to smooth their way through life.
    You might have noticed, occasionally, artificial and somewhat different behaviour in others?

    We might not live as our ancestors did a million years ago, but the challenges we face today might be just as harsh.
    I think we should face them in an open and free arena, not within the confines of a story on a virtual stage.

    I am sure greypathers also think of many things.
    Like shoes and ships and sealing wax for example.
    My wish is that they would gather their thoughts, put them in to a pattern, and write them down.
    Preferably in Greypath of course.

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