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    I wrote this the other day, but didn’t post it.
    I thought it might be a bit too provocative.
    However, as samantha is so ably setting the pace, I decided to resurrect my notes, and add them to the mix.
    Several days ago I wrote…

    I must have got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
    I felt it was time to take a ‘swipe’ at some of the things happening around me.
    I might be looking at these from the wrong direction, but I am sure you will tell me if so.

    I read financial stuff.
    What is wrong with the world?
    Why all this talk of impending financial downturn?
    People still go to work.
    They still innovate, design, manufacture, and process, in order to provide goods and services for each other.
    There is a hive of activity in fact.
    So why all the gloom?
    Is our economy being mismanaged or manipulated?
    Are things happening which we know nothing about?
    Are we somehow being led up the garden path?

    On the world stage, we seem to have a situation where world leaders are playing a game of brinkmanship.
    Like boisterous schoolboys ‘squaring off’ in the school yard.
    They seem to be more interested in out-manoeuvring their opposite numbers than looking for ways to lead more effectively.
    They want to be noticed instead?
    To make their ‘mark’ on history?
    They seem to enjoy being in the thick of an argument.
    Makes them feel alive I suppose.
    But they make sure they are safe behind thick walls when they direct the actions of others.
    They always seem to find a reason for what they do as well.
    Clearly they enjoy self justification.
    Does that give meaning and interest to the life they lead I wonder?
    The ‘boys’ should slow down and think again.
    It is not the games they play which move us forward.
    That can only be achieved by careful thought, agreement, and constructive activity.
    These are all things which can be done quietly and peacefully.

    The NBN.
    Australians are paying for it to be built, and rightly so.
    They are paying a goodly amount to bring it to fruition.
    Somewhat like paying off a house or a car, but on a grander scale.
    Eventually we will own it?
    Rather like owning the house or the car?
    So we will have the benefit of the network we have built, and be able to access it for the cost of maintaining it?
    Like the house after we have paid for it?
    Not likely!
    I hear the NBN would most probably be ‘sold-off’ to private enterprise, so there might not be a reduction in the cost of access at all?
    We would be ‘renting’ back the NBN from new owners, who could be domiciled anywhere?
    And the government would keep the money from the sale.
    Like being forced to sell your home, and rent it back from someone else, and not personally receiving the proceeds from the sale of your asset.
    Would we go on paying a premium for the NBN, the network we built and OWNED, albeit briefly?
    This would amount to massive indirect taxation methinks.
    Of course it is all legal.
    But is it logical?

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