Black lives matter

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    It is not surprising Pence cannot bring himself to say black lives matter.
    Instead he thinks he can get away with saying “all lives matter”
    This intellectually empty Trumpian phrase is meaningless.
    Of course all lives matter but all lives wont matter until you have the courage to say black lives matter.
    Chelsea Candelario says it best.
    The red necks will not quite get it., lets face it, they never do.
    But there may be people here who might understand.
    It’s a Weaponized Phrase Meant to Silence the Oppressed
    Don’t get us wrong, all lives do matter. Or, at least they should. The reason BLM exists is because systemic racism, police brutality and murder against the Black community show over and over again that Black lives don’t seem to matter. So, a person who says ‘All Lives Matter’ is actually proving the point that Black people continue to be a second thought in bigger issues.
    It’s Racially Gaslighting
    Not only that, but the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ is specifically weaponized to silence the call for justice and equality that created the Black Lives Matter movement in the first place. The phrase might feel like it’s uniting us, but it’s actually dividing the country even more. It’s even an example of racial gaslighting, a tactic used to make marginalized communities question their reality, stance on an issue or overall their ideals because it’s denying something that’s true—the racism is real and it is hurting—even killing—Black people.
    It’s Basic Logic
    Also, in its most simple form, it’s a logic issue. All lives can’t matter if Black lives don’t. If it were actually true that we live in a world where ‘All Lives Matter,’ then that would mean saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ shouldn’t feel like a uncomfortable expression. But, because we know that Black lives do not experience equality or justice in this country, we know that all lives cannot logically matter if Black lives don’t. So, in order to make ‘All Lives Matter’ true, you would have to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ first.”


    Well said, Tiv. I agree wholeheartedly. Maybe the slogan should be “Black lives matter as much as white lives.”


    Hi pete thank you.


    Just to add pete I believe the African American community chose this slogan or cry for justice and I think they must be respected.
    My heart broke when a I saw a young man crying that he could not breathe and crying for his mother. I believe saying all lives matter is empty and has no power. It deflates the sttength of the issue.
    German Lopez says
    “To say that Black lives matter is not to say that other lives do not; indeed, it is quite the reverse—it is to recognize that all lives do matter, and to acknowledge that African Americans are often targeted unfairly (witness the number of African Americans accosted daily for no reason other than walking through a White neighborhood—including some, like young Trayvon Martin, who lost their lives) and that our society is not yet so advanced as to have become truly color blind. This means that many people of goodwill face the hard task of recognizing that these societal ills continue to exist, and that White privilege continues to exist, even though we wish it didn’t and would not have asked for it. I certainly agree that no loving God would judge anyone by skin colour”


    Let’s get back to reality.
    That all lives matter underpins the very framework of our moral and thoughtful way of living.
    There is not one jot of adverse or negative racism in that statement.
    Whoever you are, wherever you are, your life is of value, and will be protected.
    Switch to ‘black lives matter’, and there is immediately a divide based on skin colour.
    It reminds us of difference, and can be seen negatively.
    Let us consider a few more basics.
    Humans are programmed to reject difference in others. That is instinctive.
    Long ago, were there a noticable difference in behaviour or colour by any member of a group, that would draw the attention of an aggressor.
    So we learned to react adversely to unnecessary difference. It became, for us, instinctive to do so.
    It became part of our survival kit.
    Safety in numbers relied on all persons looking the same.
    As I remember it, children at school tend to react strongly to difference.
    ‘Growing up’ is when we use reason to control and direct our instincts rather than let them have free reign.
    Purely instinctive behaviour just won’t cut it in our modern world.
    It appears that there are some within our police system who allow instinctive behaviour to have the upper hand.
    They might also have a tendency to ‘bully’, and choose to do so with those they see as different or weaker?
    This is where the problem really lies!
    They are running on instinct rather than reason.
    Unfortunately, one cannot put an old head on young shoulders.
    So we rely on the older, and hopefully wiser, members of any police group to set a standard.
    When they don’t, the younger ones lack ‘direction’.
    With the results we see.
    So it must start at the top.
    It is very much time for the ‘older and wiser’ to pull up their collective socks, and get on with exercising better control.
    But with world leaders at loggerheads, prancing around and pretending personal superiority, challenging one another with threats, what chance do we have?
    These ‘leaders’ are all demonstrating how to ‘run on instinct rather than reason’.
    What reason they possess is being used to enhance their instinctive behaviour, rather than control and direct it.
    That borders on criminal behaviour.
    So maybe change must come from lower down in the ranks this time?


    William you are certainly entitled to your opinion but I totally disagree.
    I support black lives matter and I have explained why.

    Yes I read your post a few tims.

    I will conclude as most of the African American community has said
    All lives will NOT matter until black lives matter.


    This might hopefully settle this once and for all.
    I only presented this thread to present an explanation why many believe saying all lives matter, while valid, actually weakens the pount of BLM.


    Every person born matters, whatever their race. Tolerance, patience and kindness is what’s needed in the world.


    I went outside, and wandered around in the rain, which sprinkled lightly on my shoulders.
    Got told, very decidedly by a neighbour, to go inside and take my ‘meds’ before I got any worse.
    Both before and after this boisterous exchange, I got to thinking.
    Mr Tivoli: I am glad we don’t agree on everything. I don’t want to be right all the time!  ^_^
    But I still think the disproportionate ill treatment of some sections of the community is a symptom, not a cause.
    Paying lots of attention to the symptom won’t change anything.
    We need to treat the cause.
    The problem is the leaders.
    It seems to be that our leaders might not be in touch with the reality of life lived by those around them?
    And worse: when people make their displeasure about a social situation known to them, they are unresponsive.
    They appear to fail in their duty of care to the very people who need their attention?
    Social unrest may or may not have the desired effect of forcing awareness upon them, and changing their stance.
    The citizens of a democracy do have a great deal of power through the ballot box, but seem loathe to use it.
    The attitude of many people seems to be: ‘ignore it, and it will go away’.
    The lack of a proper response, by some, to the covid-19 restrictions, is an example of this mindset.
    We can but soldier on, and hope earnestly for the best outcome.
    I suppose it it true that all things come to he who waits: but they come a lot faster if he struggles whilst he waits?
    And effort must be applied logically, not haphazardly, or violently.
    It is fortunate that we still have a semblance of democracy.

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