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    Those are certainly eye opening facts.
    But I do think that when we assess a country’s contribution to reducing pollution, we should view it on a per capita basis.


    William I agree but don’t you think we are entitled to use (as we export our coal) the coal to have cheaper power?
    If you take into account that China supplies the most RARE METALS used in the magnets of the wind generators, this in itself is as the same or more Pollutant than our coal. I could go on about the pollution costs to the environment
    by the production of all the modern technology, but it would take me a dozen pages.


    I made the comment some time ago that during the changeover to renewable energy sources we would still need to use coal.
    I think I even suggested we might need to build more coal fired power stations.
    Whether we like it or not, we need energy in the form of electricity.
    It must come from somewhere. It is essential for everyday life.
    So unless we revert immediately to primitive ways of living, which with our vast populations would likely be just as harmful and polluting, we have no choice but to use coal sparingly and efficiently for a little while yet.
    But change must come: SOON.
    We simply cannot keep on increasing the population and expect our planet to cope. It just doesn’t have the resources.
    Already there are many areas where famine and disease are taking over.
    There is no magic wand we can wave to set things right.
    We are living in ways which cannot be sustained for much longer.
    It might be hundreds of years away, but something drastic will happen.
    We are almost at breaking point.
    But even so, we need to remain steadfast, even in the face of impending disaster.
    It will not help any one or any thing for us to go round with long faces, gnashing our teeth, and frothing at the mouth.
    We must simply set about living as efficiently as possible.
    If we don’t need to do it, don’t do it.
    If we don’t need to use it, don’t acquire it.
    Don’t live a lavish lifestyle.
    Learn to use your mind for recreation, rather than using places or objects.
    Restrictions on living need not plunge us all in to deep despair.
    The mind is a remarkable thing. It can adjust.
    Remember what your feet are for too.
    Contribute more to greypath to keep your mind agile and alert?
    That’s the lot from me for now!   ^_^


    Two things to build.
    Coal power stations
    Water desalination plants!

    For irrigation you only need Part desalination, once the water is in the weirs or dams the sun does the rest!


    I agree re the coal, JJS.   Desal I’m not so sure…..maybe small ones  for as you say…part desal.          If they had started pipelines down from the north twenty or thirty years ago, much of the water problem would be solved.


    Yep Salina, Pipe the water across from the ORD river during the wet season!


    Stuff coal, dirty stuff.


    Jen: What about the wind generators! The Magnets use RARE EARTH in their manufacture, You should see the country after the mine, most of the product comes from china & the area it comes from is totally contaminated.
    Then there is the manufacturing of LITHIUM BATTERIES just as bad as coal!
    could go on & on, TELEPHONES, COMPUTERS, 🙁 🙁

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 11 total)
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