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    Hi Greypathers,

    A quick poll:

    Are any Greypathers still having persistent issues with Greypath:

    • Connecting?
    • Posting Topics?
    • other?

    I note a few topics in the CoffeeHaus indicate some issues.

    I’d like to discover the extent of this please.

    Jack Sprat


    All OK for me at the moment thanks Jack.


    Thanks Jen.



    No problem here.


    Seems like all well today Monday with Greypath,  so lets see, with every thing else that is going on in Victoria at present it is nice to have something working properly.  Lets see if  I can write something interesting.

    Oh I know I will write about our little lemon tree in a big   pot,  we have had it for many years now, it looks healthy and does bear fruit.  One   morning this week we went into the back yard and to our amazement our little lemon was minus any leaves, what happened ? no it was not caterpillars I looked very carefully all over,  even the few leaves that were laying around no bite areas Mmm, leave it  for now we said and look tomorrow, so the next morning it was minus  one heck of a lot of the bark?   heavens  we said  no idea what is happening , never happened before, our daughter said it looks like it could be possums, possibly we said but no noises at all, so we have left it and nothing else has happened as yet. So guess we will pull it out and plant maybe a lovely flowering shrub of some sorts, as it is not showing any signs of recovering. A very puzzling thing!


    Just one small glitch I’ve noticed Jack … the main Forums page at is slow to update … it does show a blue bar near unread forums for me but the actual Last Post details are incorrect despite the fact they are accurate on the individual forum pages.

    🙂 Leave it to you LOL.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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