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    I get increasingly frustrated at being unable to buy useful electrical products. Once upon a time it was hard to get a double electric blanket with dual controls. Now it is impossible to buy one with a single control! Plenty of people including me sleep alone in a double bed and just want one switch to turn on the whole electric blanket.
    Another one impossible to find is a ladies corded razor. I find fiddling with batteries one of many tasks extremely hard for arthritic hands.

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I gave up on electric blankets years ago Abirdo.In winter I use polar fleece blankets as sheets and I sleep snug as a bug


    I haven’t had an electric blanket for years now, I decided I didn’t like the thought of sleeping on electric cords, and have read of fires re the blankets.
    With a doona and an eiderdown I am also snug as a bug but I do have a husband beside me.


    Slightly off topic again.
    But slightly relevant.
    The thing I miss most is quality.
    Even simple goods were once very well made.
    I still have a small set of screwdrivers I purchased at Coles in the 1960’s.
    They are in good shape.
    The steel is of excellent hardness and quality.
    Made to last.
    One can see why they stopped doing that though.
    The manufacturer would only be able to sell me one set of screwdrivers in my lifetime.
    So they switched to ‘planned obsolescence’ I think it was called.
    Being of lower quality, goods would ‘wear out’, and need replacement.
    This was very obvious with light globes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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