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    Has anyone tried to watch Doctor Doctor?
    I have.
    But the lead actor is somehow not there.
    He is badly cast for the part, and well out of touch with his character?
    In fact, his character has no character at all.
    Sequences are hollow, and totally unconvincing.
    The show lurches along erratically, with a few of the others managing to give it some credence.
    The whole thing feels as if someone forgot to release the handbrake, and it just can’t get going.
    I find that watching more than ten minutes of it puts a clamp on my mind.
    I have to get away, and breathe lots of fresh air to recover.
    The producers try hard, they try to innovate, but are flogging a lame horse?
    Give up and move on would be my suggestion.


    I dont bother with a lot of TV shows these days. We are driven mad by the ads advertising these shows, that seem to be nonstop for weeks before the shows actually start , just about all shows seem to have crime or corruption therefor guns and shooting. ( Doctor Doctor excused) I thoroughly enjoy watching the older movies which are being screened fairly frequently.
    Makes me wonder what has happened to all the wonderful dancers, comedians, singers, and actors. I know most have died from those older days, but surely there are still some talented actors around. These days all we seem to get are grumpy looking men and women pulling out their guns and snarling and shooting at people.
    No Thanks.


    Probably a matter of responding to the needs of the time Betty?
    For example, movies during the depression in the 1930’s tried to ‘uplift’ the spirit of the people?
    Give them a glimpse of glamour and luxury, to counteract the drudgery of life?
    Second world war movies focussed on encouraging people to support the war effort, with stories of dedication and valour.
    Along with gentler movies, thrown in to give a taste of comfort to a jaded population.
    After the war, social conditions were strained and in a bit of a muddle.
    Once again, movies added glamour and luxury to brighten up an otherwise dull and meagre life.
    Now, here we are in (supposedly) affluent times?
    Wealth and luxury abound?
    We no longer have a need for movies showcasing beautiful women and handsome men in delightful stories of gentle intrigue.
    So movies have moved.
    They moved because variety was desired.
    Another kind of plot was devised.
    The focus is now on the previously ignored harsher realities of life.
    I suppose that while this continues, we can conclude that we live in a time of (relative) peace.
    Were war imminent, and the country gearing up for defence, we would return to the style of motion picture redolent of the thirties?
    Back to when watching movies could be a pleasant and calming experience?
    Dress styles would also change, become more modest and ‘sedate’?
    Should these things happen, we would have turned a full circle.


    Mmmmm I guess you are right williamthebold but I do think all these crime shows and alot featuring younger folks are contributing to the surge in crime being conducted by the younger sect that we seem to be getting here in Australia. They see this on the TV and think yes we can get away with that , or thats a good idea lets try it??


    I think only those we might characterise as unstable would be influenced by violence they watch on Tv.
    The bulk of the people understand it for what it is.
    Just part of a ‘story’ being told. Usually not much of a story either!
    But a few misguided watchers can cause a lot of grief.
    By observing all the young people round me I conclude that the ‘unstable’ would be very few and far between.
    So I don’t think violence on Tv has major impact?
    This is more of a feeling I have rather than an opinion backed by loads of solid evidence.
    So I am more than happy to be challenged on my conclusion.


    Pursuant to the end of my post on the tenth of february…(above)
    Has anyone noticed that there are more ‘feel good’ programmes on tv at the moment?
    Also more ‘matter of fact’ programmes such as documentaries!
    Is this a natural response to the corona disease threatening our population?
    Are we on a semi-war footing now?


    The adverts for Doctor Doctor are enough to turn me off.
    Just about the only tv I watch nowadays is the news as there are way too many adverts for my liking. Some movies don’t start until 9pm which is too late for me.
    I joined Amazon Prime video and have found some older style movies to watch on there in the evening.

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