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    All Australian states are self governing.
    Each has its own constitution and laws.
    At federation, an additional layer of government came in to play.
    This was meant to deal with issues relevant to the entire country, rather than individual states.
    For example, items such as defence, health, currency, trade, communication, and even the bulk of taxation.

    The challenge to Western Australia’s ‘hard’ border is interesting.
    Whilst the courts might decide our commonwealth government has the legal authority to demand it be ‘opened’, would the said government exercise that authority?
    I doubt it.
    We live in dangerous times.
    Segregation and isolation are the only real tools we have to control the spread of covid-19.
    Western Australia is benefitting from remaining separated.
    For the commonwealth government to dismantle an effective barrier to the spread of the virus would not only be absurd, it would be incredibly stupid.
    It would expose hundreds of thousands of people to infection, and possible death.
    Such an action would be tantamount to criminal neglect?
    Had our entire country’s border been closed back in January, very few, if any, of our present problems would exist.
    Victorians especially should note this?
    But the commonwealth government prevaricated.
    The time wasted led to our present disaster.
    I am quite sure they don’t want to be exposed to further ridicule.

    These are some of my thoughts.
    I am sure others have their own.
    Please share them with us?


    Well said William. Commonsense should rule. No wait Clive Palmer is lacking commonsense ,selfishness comes first with him or is it money.
    Scott Morrison and Christian Porter lacked commonsense until they realised just how many West Australians had turned against them in such a short time. Too late for them to try and backtrack now. I don’t think that Mr Porter has got a hope in the next federal election in his Pearce electorate. He will be left in the cold just as he has left us.
    Lisa Harvey went against Mark McGowan at one time and said that birders should be open ,she has changed her mind now.
    I can see that if this court case goes against WA that Mark McGowan will do his very best to protect us unlike the federal government.


    Regarding Liza Harvey. I am inclined to think she didn’t change her mind at all.
    She changed her publicly stated views only.
    She could see the ‘writing on the wall’, and decided she must get in step with her electorate.
    I think, too, that many politicians live in their own little world.
    Only when loud public opinion jolts them out of it, do they face the reality of their position.
    Having said that, I am aware that there are many good and dedicated men and women in politics.
    Regrettably, not all of them can be said to be so.

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