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    Once again I find myself at odds with Dr Phil.
    I happened, literally by chance, on another of his programs.
    I was ‘flicking’ through channels, when I found his program centred on ‘racial discrimination’.
    I really must find something better to do at lunchtime!

    My concern with Dr Phil is that he doesn’t drill down in to the basics enough.
    He skims the surface, and this alters both emphasis and perspective.
    He didn’t make it clear that man is by nature a discriminator.
    Each and every day man discriminates, in many ways, about many facets of his life.
    It is instinctive and natural for him to do so.
    Allied to this is man’s instinctive need to reject difference in others.
    In fact, it is basic instinct for humans to behave in much the same way?
    It is only when this discrimination or rejection results in unwarranted harm to another person, or in unreasonable disadvantage to that person, that the rest of society needs to be concerned.

    It is simplistic to assume that the object of discrimination is totally innocent of any responsibility for it.
    It almost always takes two to tango!
    A person in that situation should ask himself: why have I drawn the ire of another?
    Do I behave differently? Do I speak differently?
    With closed eyes, would another person be able to observe a difference?
    Should I not attempt to blend in to general society?
    Am I doing that?

    The person discriminating is not free to ignore his motives either.
    He must ask himself: why am I doing this?
    Why am I bringing harm to this person?
    This is another human being.
    Why am I not treating him with the respect I would certainly expect him to extend to me?
    Why am I not controlling my instinct to reject difference?

    I must note that when I watch british Tv I am not aware of great difference.
    With closed eyes, I would be hard pressed to detect persons from a different racial background.
    So it seems that adequate integration is not only possible, it is happening in the UK.
    Do they have a secret?

    There is one more aspect to this.
    We need genetic diversity in our populations.
    So we need to welcome and engage with those from other countries.
    Surely not so hard to do?

    A change of subject: ice skating.
    I enjoy watching Aleksandra Boikova, almost as much as my very favourite, Gabriella Papadakis.
    They are both extraordinary skaters, well above average in my view.
    But by saying that, I am discriminating, am I not?

    A final thought.
    Discrimination is an instinct.
    I think we will continue to discriminate in private life. Nothing will change that.
    But never should we allow any harmful bias to intrude in to the public life we live.
    That is absolutely wrong, and indicates something is amiss with the way we think.
    We must use reason to control and direct adverse instinctive behaviour in to useful channels.
    Which means people must firstly learn to reason?


    Hullo Williamthebold who is Dr Phil?


    Dr Phillip McGraw has a program on Tv. He is seventy years old.
    I believe he is from Texas.
    He usually appears around midday, and here we have him on channel 10.
    He discusses critical issues we have in society today.
    He is highly trained and highly experienced as a psychologist I believe.
    He began as a small segment on Oprah or some such program.
    Quite quickly he had his own full time ‘show’. (Dr Phil)
    He appears to be very popular.

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