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    Dusty WADusty WA

    I hope the slight easing of things in Victoria makes a small difference.You have come so far ,don’t blow it now stay within the rules and stay safe


    I find it difficult to accept the attitude of those who object to social distancing, and restrictions on gatherings.
    Hasn’t the reality of it all hit them yet?
    Are they intent on living an artificial life, in which only pleasant things can happen?
    To make hay while the sun shines, and bugger whatever the winter brings?
    The truth is, we at war with covid-19.
    We have no way of beating it yet, so we must avoid contact with it at all costs.
    Hence the social distancing and other measures.
    It is time for the ‘disbelievers’ to come back in to the fold.
    It is absolutely necessary for them to join with the rest of society, and help prevent the spread of the disease.
    Without firm measures being taken by all, they could well be one of the next victims.
    Is that what it will take to bring home to them that covid-19 is real, and that it is a serious matter?

    Dusty WADusty WA

    I think you are probably right William ,until these fools have a taste of Covid, or they lose a relative  to it ,they will risk a breakout and a possible disaster


    I agree William, people still need to practise social distancing,hand washing , sanitising and putting up with restrictions in our lives. What we read and what we see on tv just doesn’t seem real to some I guess until someone close to them has covid-19.
    Like those against vaccinations who have never seen anyone with polio, whooping cough or other diseases that have been almost eradicated through vaccines, they don’t seem to realise how serious these can be.
    I fear that here in WA we may become complacent about the virus as most of us we are living almost a normal lifestyle.
    I saw a tour boat go out for a 2 hour cruise from a popular spot in WA the other day. There was no social distancing on the boat that we could see and when they got back we counted approximately 45 people getting off. There also seems to be a lot of overseas and Eastern states people travelling within WA,I’m assuming and hoping that they were here before our borders were closed.


    William that was an excellent post.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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