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    With the elections  almost upon us we are starting to get ads showing us how we should fill in the forms etc, but who are all these people that want us to vote for them ?. In our area we have had no posters, pamphlets. or any information about where they live, what they stand for,  and so on. I don’t feel  happy about  voting  someone into parliament  that hasn’t told us  anything about himself, why he is standing, what he believes in, what he hopes his electorate  will  gain if he gets in.  Very poor I think!


    Yes, Betty.
    The options we have are to vote for a person, a party, a combination of these two, or to vote informally.
    I think most voters vote along party lines.
    But, surely it is best to vote for a person who is qualified and well able to represent an electorate?
    I think he should have some understanding of legal matters too.
    He will spend a great deal of his time debating changes to laws, or the introduction of new laws.
    However, nothing is perfect.
    We get what we get.
    I have had only ONE candidate provide any information on himself.
    And you are one hundred percent right Betty.
    How can one vote for a person who is unknown to you?
    They should come and ask us to vote for them?
    They are hoping you will vote for the party,  and not be too critical of the individual?
    They are rather taking us for granted are they not?


    The ABC has an alphabetical list of electorates. When you choose yours, you get the seat background first and can scroll down to the current candidates with something written about each of them below.


    You can also check on the senate for your state.



    On  having lunch yesterday with a son he mentioned he spoke to his daughter re the election  its her first time  to vote this year. She is at university and said to her father —” oh all our lot   at our age don’t care  at all about  that stuff the pollies are going on about, what we  really care about is the climate change, the environment, and the health of the planet– we will  all  probably vote for the’ Greens’

    Mmmm I thought maybe the pollies should think about the younger  voting generation  sometimes, and make a few comments that might interest them.  They will turn into older thinking voters before too long ,and  they seem to be more  aware at present of what   could  happen  to   our planet .    Disaster from what I read lately!!

    Gold Class

    I voted yesterday!…..it is not a democratic voting system. Told where to place 1 – ???? we don’t know these names of people and what they do?

    Not one of the Politicians are doing anything about Senior Housing, they have a 10yr plan, I’ll be dead by then. I hope so anyway. Can’t find a place to rent long term and the rents go up and the pension and rent allowance doesn’t.

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